Reduce time on ESPF handlers management and save development time by testing the methods directly on the web interface. Includes Cisco IoT Control Center provisioning

Streamline workflow for SIM card provisioning and save time on provisioning data to external systems such as an IPTV platform. These features and more are now available with the new PortaSwitch MR95. Find out about all the updates and benefits of the most recent maintenance release in the New Features Guide.

Cisco IoT Control Center provisioning via iPaaS Workflows

IoT service providers that use Cisco IoT Control Center (former Cisco Jasper Control Center) can now configure any desired workflow for SIM card management – no developer needed. Employees with even a basic understanding of workflow can integrate Cisco IoT Control Center. With the Boomi low-code platform, your team can do this visually, without extensive coding.

Previously, a service provider could only provision a new SIM card before a payment had been collected from the customer. Now, you can implement any workflow you need – for example, provision a new SIM card with a pending status and activate it after a successful payment. 

Cisco IoT Control Center provisioning via iPaaS Workflows is now available with any release starting from MR75. Contact our sales team to find out more.

What’s improved?

customer_experience Streamline workflow
Configure SIM card management workflow fast and with less effort.

Enable service provisioning applications on the PortaBilling web UI

Administrators can now activate new applications that provision data from PortaBilling to external systems (e.g., an IPTV platform), in an easier way. These applications can reside on an external web server, cloud environment such as Google CloudRun, or in low-code platform such as iPaaS Workflows. Administrators can connect a new application via web-hooks and subscribe it to specific events (e.g. “new customer created” or “account’s product changed”) right from the PortaBilling web interface.

What’s improved?

customer_experience Easier administration
Reduce time spent on ESPF handlers management.

PortaBilling, PortaSIP, and ESPF APIs available in OpenAPI format

Developers can now test the methods directly on the web interface and understand faster which methods to call by using documentation in the standardized OpenAPI format. PortaBilling, PortaSIP, and ESPF APIs in the OpenAPI format are now available on the PortaBilling server. See an example here:

What’s improved?

Easier-integration Save development time
Test the methods directly on the web interface.

Find more details on PortaSwitch MR95 in the latest New Features Guide.

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