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An IoT prototyping platform for quickly developing IoT devices,
products, and services

When you’re testing an MVP, you don’t have time to wait for months for your first batch of devices to be manufactured and shipped

And, these days, the shipping hold-ups and microchip shortages are making it worse! On top of that, if you discover an issue in the prototype, you’ll have to re-fabricate and create even more delays.


IoT Mill has all you need to launch a new IoT device in days:

It’s a fully assembled and tested device, with a ready-to-use communication stack and optimized for long battery life

IoT Mill is equipped with:

It’s fully customizable, so you can:

A scalable IoT product from scratch

In 4 easy steps


Get an idea

Create your concept for an IoT product or device


Rapid prototype

Make prototypes of even the tiniest concepts swiftly



See what works and what needs to be improved right away, then repeat step 2



Integrate, collect, and process data

With our design and production experience, we can fast track a custom-made product that will meet all of your requirements and exceed your expectations.

What makes IoT Mill different?

Superior power efficiency

Up to 10 years on a single charge* thanks to highly efficient LTE and GNSS antennas, ultra-low-power components, and power control circuits for all peripheral devices.

Minimal coding

No need to deal with low-level OS or communication protocols – we’ve done that for you. All you need to do is write the code that extracts and processes the data your app needs.

Durability and connectivity

IP68 Enclosure, LTE-M, NB-IoT and GNSS antennas, LTE-M / NB-IoT / WiFi / Bluetooth LE, and connectivity to add more sensors.

Indefinite run time

Connecting the solar battery to the integrated MPPT solar charger controller enables indefinite run time for more power hungry applications.

Data sheet

  • LTE-M / NB-IoT / WiFi / Bluetooth LE Connectivity
  • GPS / Thermometer / MotionTracking device / Accelerometer / Flood sensor / IMU
  • Ability to add own sensor via Bluetooth
  • Nano-SIM card slot
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • FreeRTOS + SDK for C language
  • IP68 Enclosure

How does it work?

Minimum coding effort to create your MVP!

Don’t waste precious time dealing with low-level OS or communication protocol peculiarities – our IoT Mill team has handled all of that. Just write a few pages of code (using C programming language) to:


Gather data

Fetch the sensor data your app needs (e.g., for vehicle tracking this could be GPS location and accelerometer reader)


Process it

Process the sensor data (e.g., compare with the last reading and do not send any data to the cloud if the vehicle position has not changed)


Send to the cloud

Send to your cloud warehouse via MQTT/HTTPS (e.g., submits vehicle location record to your Google Cloud IoT instance)

With our design and production experience, we can fast track a custom-made product that will meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Case study: IoT garbage bin monitoring


Every year in British Columbia, around 950 black bears and 50 grizzlies are killed to protect the general public.

More bears are becoming accustomed to and reliant on garbage in BC, requiring their extermination. It’s a waste of life. It’s also expensive: the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks Conservation Officer Service spends about $1 million each year repairing bear damage to garbage facilities.


Installing IoT motion sensor on each garbage bin.

Allows advanced monitoring and messaging to owners and utility companies in case of bin overturn or unscheduled moves.




  • Monitoring if the garbage bin is placed outside for collection only during the collection time slot.
  • Automatic warning messages may be pushed to home owner phones and
    automatic fines may be issued for multiple violations.
  • Having real time information about overturned garbage bins while knowing if bin has been emptied or not.
  • Automatic dispatch of cleaning teams.
  • Providing statistical and location information for conservation officers.

Home Owner

  • Receives a warning message if bin has been put out on the wrong day (for instance, due to schedule changes or weather).
  • Receives a message once bins have been emptied for fast removal.
  • Receives alerts for bear intrusions so owner can scare away the bear and clean the street.

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Reference to research on battery longevity

A typical case scenario for the use of NB-IoT in smart cities applications is described and analyzed in (El Soussi et. a., 2018). The scenario consists of NB-IoT devices placed in various parts of a city in heterogeneous environments with different network coverage conditions. These devices are used for parking management, traffic control, waste management, and many other day-to-day city management operations.


Battery life time under different reporting number, data lengths, and coverage scenarios for eMTC and NB-IoT.

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