Checklist - Become an MVNO

How to start selling mobile services in 2022 – with the MVNO checklist from PortaOne 

Mobile Virtual Network Operators have become a rising trend in the last few years. If you have questions, we have answers.

Why is becoming an MVNO trending?

Because it’s easy and quick to get started as it requires no cellular infrastructure.

Because you can increase sales by acquiring new customers with tailor-made offerings.

Because you can upsell current customers by offering additional mobile services.

How do I become an MVNO?


Feasibility test

Can I become an MVNO?


How tos

Additional material to explain how to start an MVNO and benefits


What to ask MNO

Questions to use when contacting MNOs in your area


Get started

What you actually need to get started

Why download this MVNO checklist?

Start MVNO with confidence

You’re unsure how to get started becoming an MVNO or how to approach an MNO.

Avoid the most common mistakes

made when launching an MVNO.

Benefit from knowledge

accumulated from first-hand experience gathered from our wide range of customers.

Save time and resources

with details to get you up-to-speed about what to expect and how to proceed.

Thinking about becoming

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