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Unlocking Telecom Innovation: Workflows Workshop

Dive into regional case studies on optimizing Telco operations with Low-code / No-code integrations, streamlining integration projects to enhance efficiency and stay ahead in the competitive telecom landscape.

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Join our workshop to learn more about:

What to expect:

In-Depth Overview

Delve into the Worflows architecture and crucial tools within the Boomi platform, a market frontrunner in low-code integrations.

Building Session

Real-world integrations relevant to South Africa, e.g., data sync between Xero/Sage/CRDB and PortaBilling.

Engaging Discussions

Participate actively in conversations centered around best practices for low-code and no-code integrations.

Meet your host:

Segrii Kirik PortaOne

Sergii Kirik

Chief Workflows Architect, PortaOne

A seasoned expert in the telecom software industry, Sergii boasts an illustrious history of managing complex integrations. His proficiency spans business process analysis, solution design, and mastering the technological stack for digital communications.

Why attend?

Whether you're in engineering or business development, this workshop will empower you to:

Boost efficiency

Discover how to expedite system connections for data flows, transforming weeks of work into days, and hours for additional requests. Shift focus from routine to interesting tasks.

Automate workflows

Uncover methods for full automation through APIs, ensuring error-free data transfers and reducing time spent on investigations and fixes.

Build resilient architecture

Learn to build workflows that withstand temporary issues, offering automatic disaster recovery.

Code or no-code

Learn coding essentials: explore the necessity of creating and maintaining code for complex projects.

Accelerate innovation

Learn how to merge telecom systems with external platforms for a seamless UX, enabling quicker launch of new products and services, staying ahead of competitors.

Streamline partner integration

Uncover methods to enhance sale-channels and ensure seamless partner integration, minimizing manual tasks and enhancing user experience.

About PortaOne

Since 2001, PortaOne has been developing billing, business support systems, and cloud telephony software, helping telcos connect people.

Our journey has seen the rise of over 500 forward-thinking telcos in more than 100 countries, aiding them in becoming market leaders while keeping the total cost of ownership for their business support systems under control.

Our customers speak to our commitment, citing our support as the best in the industry. We offer a lifetime license without limits and an open-architecture platform, enabling swift in-house development of new services. Access to source code is granted, ensuring transparency and security validation.

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