How to Grow with the IoT Device Market

A free guide for MVNOs and CSPs that want to grab a foothold in the booming – and unpredictable – IoT data communications niche.

With 43 billion IoT sensors in the world, why is success so elusive?

Has your MVNO been struggling to build a customer base in the fickle world of IoT devices? Get our free guide to break out of the SIM card  “commodity problem” – and learn how to start offering what IoT innovators really need.


Combine the power of IoT Mill and PortaOne to empower startups to reach the market in weeks, not years.



Integrate your SIM cards with a customizable, market-ready, and white-labeled IoT device

Bundle Up

Boost IoT Mill with edge computing, data storage, security, consulting, and workshops

Strengthen Bonds

Forge lasting relationships within your local IoT innovation circle

Elevate Success

Position yourself as a vital ecosystem for budding IoT startups... and then grow with them

Find out more in our simple guide for making the most of the IoT market: We’ll show you how partnering with startups can transform your MVNO or CSP from commodity provider to a thriving ecosystem, offering innovators a chance to grow, innovate, and succeed. 


What is LoT_Cloud

What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a telecommunications industry niche that connects physical objects with smart sensors that can gather, transmit, and analyze data, often using the cloud.

Anything can be connected with IoT, meaning the use cases for IoT monitoring and automation are endless. Find some exciting examples in our guide!

How IoT Mill works

What Is IoT Mill?

IoT Mill is a comprehensive, ready-built IoT platform that allows innovators to bring their ideas to market right away. No more waiting for prototypes, navigating shortages and supply chain hold-ups, or re-ordering new devices after failed tests.

IoT developers can enable the sensors they need, add a few lines of code, and take their product to market to instantly receive real-world customer feedback – and revenue.

With IoT Mill you can...


emerging IoT businesses with an unbeatable value proposition: faster access to real revenue


the “commodity problem” and outshine your competitors by providing critical business support services


IoT start-ups into your operations – and vice versa – to create long-term customer loyalty


new services and create profit-sharing revenue models as the needs of your IoT customers grow

Adding IoT Mill to your startup business connectivity package is an opportunity to attract a thriving new IoT enterprise customer base – and to grow alongside it.

IoT Is the Future for MVNOs and CSPs. Don’t Miss Out!

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