IoT / M2M Billing Platform for Communication Service Providers

An open, cloud-based, agile service and revenue control platform to monetize anything connected to the Internet.

Have you monetized the IoT market yet?

Everyone’s excited about IoT, but few have actually figured out how to make money off these services. We can give you the head start you need.

IoT is quite literally all around us and it’s definitely here to stay. And that’s good news for telcos if you already have a way to effectively monetize your IoT connectivity charges. That’s where PortaOne comes in.

IoT requires significant costs and skills to integrate multiple devices and develop useful applications

Existing BSS are unsuitable for IoT and need major – and expensive – adjustments

IoT customers expect more and better customer service support, driving up your operational costs

Profit-guaranteed IoT billing platform for connected devices

Plan, create, and monetize solutions for bundled connectivity and subscription-based and usage services with pay-per-use, flat-rate, or per-device pricing. Easily create new offers for vertical applications with any requirements. 


High-volume SIM card provisioning across any network


Real-time endpoint monitoring and detection


Support for multiple mobile operators on the same platform


Self-care for verticals, enterprise, small business, and residential users


Automation of business processes: provisioning, activations, integrations with other business and IT systems


Compatible with any hardware with an Internet connection

4 steps to manage your IoT billing – from idea to earning


Set products

Bill for any recurring, metered, or one-time service in prepaid, postpaid or mixed models.


Manage customers

Configure and manage SIM card/RFID/IoT device providers, payment settings, and invoicing.



Connect your CRM, accounting, and any external software applications through an open API for third-party integration.


Service delivery

Be up and running in a matter of days. Whatever happens – no worries – 24/7 support is there to help.

What makes our PortaOne IoT billing solution unique?

Our strong point is our telecom billing background – our knowledge and skills in real-time authorization.

The majority of IoT billing platforms start with hardware in mind – let’s stick some devices together and let them work somehow, and then we’ll figure out how to enable and authorize them.

At PortaOne, our approach is a profit guarantee and our focus is billing, so we say: let’s first figure out how to monetize it and make sure that we don’t lose any money, and only then think of logistics.


Tatyana Massalskaya

PortaOne Head of Marketing

Fairly priced

No per-SIM licensing fees: our solution includes added value at a total cost of ownership that is 2 to 3 times lower

Built for you

Great for B2B, B2C, and B2B2X segments with high availability and potential to scale


A single billing system that combines connectivity charges and IoT service usage in one


With 20+ software builds per year, you get new features every 7 weeks

#1 in support

Our team of specialists have been praised as best-in-industry, and they’re on call 24/7


How you benefit

Experience an IoT billing solution that will make your business run smoother, quicker, and even happier.

Act fast!

Waiting means losing traction and getting left behind.

As an operator, you have the advantage right now. Waiting any longer just puts your customer base at risk.

Implement your ideas before someone else does or risk getting drowned out.

Let us help you become one of the first 5 IoT platforms in your country. Arrive first to get a better share.


Oleg Shevtsov

PortaOne Head of Project Management

Successfully running an IoT/M2M service requires creating and selling a “vertical” solution that solves a problem for a specific customer group and delivers enough value that the customer is willing to pay for. 

Example: Instead of selling “IoT SIM cards for $0.99/month” you can sell “Smart Flood Monitoring for Home” for $4.99 (with a $50 rebate from the insurance company)


The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are a major focus area for Vodafone Brazil. Thanks to PortaOne’s flexible provisioning and IoT billing platform, we are able to offer top quality M2M / IoT services to our business customers.


Daniel Tibor Fuchs

Head of Innovation at Vodafone Brazil

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