SIP Trunking Solution via PortaSwitch

Provide enterprise PBX and call center connectivity, resell phone numbers (DID), protect yourself and users with anti-fraud tools, implement custom scenarios via a programmable voice API in PortaSwitch

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking enables SMB and enterprise customers to connect their IP PBX systems via VoIP, rather than traditional PSTN networks to

  • Send calls to international or long-distance destinations at cheaper rates
  • Deliver inbound calls to toll free numbers or phone numbers (DIDs) from other regions or countries
  • Connect multiple branch offices in distinct regions or cities at zero per-minute cost
  • Use advanced features, such as call recording or IVR programming, that are not available in the subscriber’s PBX

Albert Diaz

Founder and CEO of RingLogix, Hialeah and Miami-Dade County, Florida

We were excited and humbled to be able to help our community during the COVID-19 crisis thanks to PortaOne’s SIP Trunks when establishing the (305) COVID-19 call center.

Nearly instantaneously we increased from 100 to 600 lines at zero added-cost thanks to the unlimited and perpetual PortaSwitch license we have.

What problems do ISPs face today?

SIP trunking PortaOne

If you’re a long-distance operator, CLEC or wholesale VoIP provider, then we don’t have to tell you that your profits on minutes are probably hovering at zero.

man wearing red hoodie

And you might be suffering from high churn and losses due to fraud and low productivity as your employees perform tedious manual tasks to onboard new customers with unique PBX systems.

Discover a better way

If you’re ready to change all of that, then PortaOne is here to help. We can offer a software solution for your SIP trunking business that will

Grow your revenue and profitability

with appealing VAS add-ons that will attract more customers and boost profitability

Improve your margins

and decrease termination costs by enabling sophisticated routing policies

Save time and energy

by reducing manual configuration, automating on-boarding and simplifying troubleshooting

Lower operating expenses

by providing an integrated billing platform included with PortaSwitch at no extra cost

Help upsell

your customers cloud PBX service using the same platform to increase profit margins and customer retention

What's in it for you?

See why SIP trunking providers are choosing PortaSwitch to provide enterprise PBX, call center connectivity, and more.

Differentiate to gain

Differentiate yourself, gain more customers, decrease churn with value added services via Add-on Mart - an iPaaS marketplace

Watch savings increase

With reduced manual work, a 2-for-1 deal: PortaBilling and PortaSIP are already included in PortaSwitch

Prevent fraud and control spending

Control and monitor credit limits in real time, block calls from suspicious locations, check customer activity vs regular usage patterns

Monetize fast!

Speed up the process to monetization by going to market faster with our 7 week agile development cycle

Enjoy the freedom

That confidence and reliability grant you, knowing that our ‘best-in-industry’ technical support team is there 24/7

Unbeatable Features

Why choose PortaOne?

What makes PortaSwitch the go-to for SIP trunking in a competitive market? Allow us to highlight how we differentiate ourselves from the pack.


Open architecture

You have the full freedom to develop and integrate with full access to APIs and source code

Short go-to-market time

Agile development ensures the release of new software updates every 7 weeks

Years of expertise

We’ve been trusted by over 500 customers worldwide in 90+ countries since 2001

Your choice in pricing

Choose the pricing model that best suits your needs

With PortaOne you can choose

Select the pricing model that works best for you and meets all your requirements.

Unlimited & perpetual self-hosted license

Add customers, products, trunks or SIP end-points with no additional costs

Transparently-priced cloud SaaS

Activate any feature combination. Pay only based on the number of active calls

6 steps to becoming a SIP Trunking provider



Choose either to install in your data center or sign up for PortaSwitch SaaS in the cloud. Options to add a secondary site for geo-redundancy.



Perform the initial configuration of the system (assistance provided), define services, tariffs, per-trunk pricing, and bundles.



Add new customers or migrate existing ones to PortaSwitch by entering their authorization credentials and associated phone numbers. Apply anti-fraud measures (optional).



Activate value-added services such as STIR/SHAKEN support, call recording or IVRs. Enable on-demand purchase of phone numbers.



Assign the high-availability PortaSwitch SBC IP address as the outgoing SIP proxy on your customer’s equipment



Increase revenue streams by selling to more customers or signing up white-label providers

What makes PortaOne solutions special?

Act fast!

We’re not saying it’s too late, but we are suggesting you hurry up before the opportunities run out.

Once your customer moves to a competitor’s hosted PBX platform, they lose the power to change SIP trunking on their own and you're no longer an option for them.

Eventually everyone will move from legacy PBX to IP PBX and VoIP, so grab your market share while there's some left.

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