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Does all the recent news about Avaya have you worried about your UCaaS/hosted PBX platform? Make the leap to PortaSwitch by PortaOne for a reliable and customizable telecommunication software system. 

Are Your Avaya Products Letting You Down?

As resale margins shrink and businesses demand more, those proprietary “all in one” Avaya UCaaS and cloud PBX systems are starting to look like a trap. 

Add in reports of VoIP sound quality issues, bankruptcies, and investigations, and you might be feeling uncertain about what lies ahead.

That’s why now is the right time to try PortaSwitch from PortaOne. You won’t even have to change a thing about the way you manage your current customers. All you have to do is open the door to a new path to growth.

Avaya or PortaSwitch?

We want you to make an informed decision. Compare Avaya products to PortaSwitch from PortaOne so you can choose the right UCaaS, cloud PBX, and VoIP solution for you.

  • PortaSwitch
  • Avaya
Access to source code
Allows third-party integrations
Supports all handsets/headsets
Access to VAS community
New features every 7 weeks
Innovation support from pros
Simple pricing / unlimited licenses
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Let’s talk about the future

We know it can be tough to make a change when you’re locked into a certain UCaaS or cloud PBX platform. You’ve invested so much into your Avaya system!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to change just yet. With PortaSwitch, you can keep your existing Avaya system for your current customers, while also building a limitless new future with us. You can grow your new services at your own speed and on your own terms. Let’s work together to create a brighter future for your business.

Avaya cloud alternative

What can you do with PortaSwitch

Offer a Customized Service

Take your UCaaS / cloud PBX service to the next level with full range of options, including MS Teams and CRM integrations, customized bundles, videoconferencing, cloud contact centers, and a variety of device choices.

Empower Your Customers

Win the loyalty of your enterprise customers by providing them with an intuitive, visually appealing self-care portal that lets them take control of their own accounts, branded with your company’s name and style.

Make More Profit

Take control of your costs and streamline your workflow with low-code integrations. Automate data syncs, reduce admin tasks, and leverage innovative value-added services and partnerships.

Own Your Platform

Build your own brand with our white-label solutions instead of re-selling Avaya products. Offer what your market needs under your own name with our single platform for SIP trunking, MVNO, and other communication services.

3 reasons to work with PortaOne

We Value Collaboration, Not Control

We empower you as our customer to succeed on your own terms. With open architecture and best-in-class service, you have the freedom to customize our solutions and use any third-party integrations that can help you succeed.

You can bring new products to market — fast

You tell us what you need our platform to do, and we use that information to schedule new features into our agile 7-week release cycle. And if you’ve built your own innovations? We can even help you monetize them in the B2B market.

Keep your existing system if you like

Don’t want to replace your Avaya hosted PBX or UCaaS system? That’s fine. Just run PortaSwitch alongside it in the cloud, and diversify by onboarding new customers there. Our single, unified platform makes it easy.

Special Offer:

3 months of SaaS with 24/7 technical support

Give us 13 weeks to prove our value — that’s all it will take. Use this low-cost, no-commitment trial to find out how PortaSwitch compares to Avaya, and to test out new potential profit avenues for your business. We think you’ll like what you discover.

This offer expires in

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There’s no need to change anything for your current customers, and no need to invest until you are 100% confident. Pay only for initial setup and support during the trial and, if you’re not sold, simply cancel with no hard feelings.

What’s included

PortaOne is trusted by more than 500 businesses worldwide

Reliable and Seasoned

20+ years of experience, carrier-grade geo-redundant high availability

Full Features, Fair Prices

Full range of options, integrations and customized bundles with unlimited license

24/7 Global Support

83% of PortaOne customers rank our support as the “best they’ve ever worked with”

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