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Start earning faster with solutions for modern telcos that are flexible, easily integrated, and fit your budget.

MVNO / MVNE / MNE | PortaOne


A MVNO billing platform to launch and run full MVNO / MVNE offerings as well as provide voice, SMS, IoT, M2M, and data services using your own 3G / 4G / LTE network

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IoT billing solution | PortaOne

IoT Billing

An open, cloud-based, agile service and revenue control platform to monetize anything connected to the Internet. An IoT billing platform that guarantees profits.

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Cloud PBX platform | PortaOne

Cloud PBX

Deliver a business communication environment to your SMB and enterprise customers with PortaSwitch, a cloud PBX/hosted PBX platform for voice, video, CRM integrations and more.

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SIP Trunking | PortaOne

SIP Trunking

Provide enterprise PBX and call center connectivity, resell phone numbers (DID), protect yourself and users with anti-fraud tools, implement custom scenarios via a programmable voice API of PortaSwitch

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FTTH/FTTX Billing & Provisioning PortaOne

FTTH/FTTX Billing & Provisioning

An efficient and all-in-one billing and provisioning solution for ISPs offering FTTH & FTTX, the ‘future-proof’ way service providers can continually offer their customers the highest bandwidth.

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4G/LTE & 5G Billing | PortaOne

4G/LTE & 5G Billing

Deploy a LTE & 5G wireless network with PortaBilling’s automated service provisioning, flexible quota management and LTE real-time billing, and complement it with OTT voice or VoLTE

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White-label CPaaS Platform | PortaOne

White-label CPaaS

Upgrade your hosted PBX services by delivering white-label CPaaS to customers. Give them the freedom to customize call processing flows, implement integrations with external systems, and build mobile apps.

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WiFi Hotspot Billing Software Portaone

WIFI HotSpot Billing

Get an all-in-one WiFi hotspot billing software platform that allows for easy management of multiple resellers and distributors and with no limits on hotspots or vouchers. Easy and quick integration with your current system.

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White-label CPaaS Platform | PortaOne

IPTV Billing

Offer your customers more of what they want – video content on demand, internet, voice, mobile and more. And do it on a single, unified platform – billing and provisioning for added security, ease, and savings all around.

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