Flexible MVNO billing platform with an unlimited per-site license

Launch and run the full MVNO / MVNE offering, and provide voice, SMS, IoT, M2M, and data services using your own 3G / 4G / 5G network.

In today’s MVNO market...

Most companies are experiencing the same difficulties on their way to building good profits and a competitive advantage:

  • lack of experience or expertise on staff
  • limited budgets
  • high costs and low margins
  • no revenue
  • slow development

Not sure if becoming an MVNO is right for you? Download the MVNO checklist to find out and learn how to start your journey off right!

Discover a better way

Create a path to profitability with an agile, open-architecture, and user-friendly PortaOne MVNO billing system

Speed up time to market and launch new projects quickly

Decrease operational costs and generate higher yields

Easily integrate with third-party apps to save time and money

Create new lines of business to be more competitive

Act fast!

Waiting means losing traction and getting left behind.

Competition is only increasing. As more and more CSPs transition to the cloud, those who don’t act now will fall behind.

Each day spent stuck in your current situation means more money out the door, and more hours wasted.

If you can manage to be among the first 5 IoT MVNOs to arrive in your country, you will get a far better share.

Why choose PortaBilling for your MVNO billing platform solution?

Over the last 3 years, PortaOne has helped almost a third of our nearly 500 customers become profitable and successful in their markets. Here’s how.

Unlimited & perpetual license

Add customers, products, and seats with no additional costs

Open architecture

We don’t put you in a cage – you are free to develop, integrate, and control your costs

Years of

We’ve been trusted by over 500 customers worldwide in 90+ countries since 2000

Out-of-the-box solution

Get running faster with one platform, and avoid the need for time-consuming customizations

Support – when you need it

We have a team of specialists you can trust and work with openly, and they are on call 24/7

Check out a mini course “MVNO 101” to learn what an MVNO is, how to become one and even better – how to successfully launch!


How you benefit

Experience an MVNO billing system that will make your business run smoother, quicker, and even happier.

Is PortaOne right for your needs?

PortaOne is ...

A provider of a robust BSS/OCS platform that can help your MVNO, MVNE, or MVNA:

  • Manage your SIM and eSIM inventory
  • Exchange data with HLR/HSS and other MNO core mobile network elements
  • Create and maintain your subscriber database
  • Integrate your subscriber database with your CRM
  • Build a tailored product catalog of service packages, bundles, subscriptions, and discounts
  • Monetize your services by rating, invoicing, and charging end users in real time
  • Adapt to market needs and conditions with open API and low- and no-code VAS

PortaOne is not ...

  • An enabler or aggregator for MVNOs
  • A provider of MVNE or MVNA services
  • An MVNO consultancy
  • A liaison with MNOs
  • An MVNO infrastructure management firm     

Talk with us

Let us show you how moving to PortaOne can help you achieve your goals.

Schedule a personal (video) call with sales or technical experts
Ask for a thorough presentation delivered by our professional team
Request all technical specs and documentation
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