Build a DID trading platform using PortaSwitch

Resell inbound DIDs (local, toll-free, premium and international) to call centers, enterprises and residential customers. Manage DID inventory or use on-demand number acquisition to reduce costs.

What is DID management?

Manage local, toll-free and international phone numbers (aka DID – Direct Inward Dialing numbers) to be delivered to your hosted PBX or SIP trunking customers. Enjoy flexible monetization based on volumes of minutes, trunks, numbers, etc. Take advantage of rich features such as customized call flows via API and easily integrate with your CRM via low-code tools that automate and streamline repeated functions and tasks.

Quickly and easily build integrations with systems that provide phone numbers, reducing the hassles you suffer each time you want to offer your customers DIDs from a new country. Plus enjoy the flexibility of defining your own markup price and each time you offer your customers other countries’ DIDs, use the same configuration.
Set it and forget it.


Jonathan Collard

Commercial Director at Tripudio Telecom

Tripudio provides IT & Telecom solutions for international call centers that help reduce operations cost & improve revenue generation and multi-channel management.

We were VERY impressed with PortaOne as a company and the PortaSwitch equipment was superbly engineered, reliable and hugely flexible.

Having trouble managing your DID inventory?

Lost profits

Are you losing money from unused DID numbers that are just sitting there collecting dust?

Demand for capacity

Do your customers need numbers from multiple countries and you have no administrative capacity to procure those?

Lack of automation

Are you employees working in multiple systems and wasting time on mundane tasks that could be easily automated or done by the end user themselves?

Our 20+ years of experience says you need an easy-to-use DID management solution. Learn more about how we can help your company operate more efficiently, increase sales, generate more revenue and give your customers a better user experience.

Discover a better way

PortaSwitch combines the top technologies to improve operations for telecom providers. With us you can:

Instantly obtain DID numbers

through “on-demand” acquisition and reduce costs to zero for unused DIDs “idling” in the inventory – each DID immediately starts generating revenue.

Integrate with wholesale DID

Integrations with major wholesale DID providers (DIDww, DIDx, etc.) are provided out-of-the-box - and new integrations can be added in 1-2 weeks!

Create “mark-up pricing”

so you can offer DIDs from virtually any place in the world - and the selling price will be automatically calculated based on the actual cost.

Real-time number activation

Increase efficiency and reduce revenue leakage with a real-time number activation or release of numbers after customer deactivation.

What's in it for you?

Reduce costs by outsourcing implementation of custom scenarios to customers or 3rd parties. We also maintain the platform, so you save on hardware purchasing, hosting, provisioning, and maintenance

Increase profitability

With flexible pricing options, profit guarantee charging, kickback rates for premium DIDs and more, you'll see your profits tick up and up.

Gain more customers by standing out

Differentiate yourself from the competition and attract more customers by delivering DIDs from virtually any country and toll-free and premium DIDs, as well as attractive add-ons

Upsell high-margin services

DID numbers are commodity - with PortaSwitch you have an option to offer hosted PBX / SIP trunking services to your customers, increasing ARPU and customer’s lifetime value.

Scale quickly and with ease

Our unlimited and perpetual license grants you the power to scale undeterred and our platform is quickly and easily expandable.

Enjoy the freedom to customize and integrate

Open architecture means PortaOne always supplies you the APIs and source code to quickly and easily build integrations and use across multiple regions and countries

Expand your revenue streams

Promotion, discounts, resellers, white-label operators, multiple sources of DIDs. Increase how you sell and increase your chances to earn

Why choose PortaOne?

What has made so many telecom providers join the community of PortaSwitch users when providing DID management provisioning? 


Fair pricing

With PortaOne, you always get an unlimited & perpetual license. Add customers, products, and numbers to the inventory at no additional costs. All maintenance and future updates included.

Built to be scalable

resell DIDs - or use the same PortaOne’s platform to sell hosted PBX or SIP trunking services, no extra fees! Convergent billing and online charging system is a part of the solution.

Unlimited & perpetual license

Our platforms can easily scale up by adding more servers to match your project success.

Short go-to-market time

Want to be ahead of competition? We release new software updates every 7 weeks, meaning your newly-requested functionality can be delivered to customers in just a few months.

How does it work?

PortaSwitch is constructed to provide high-availability, high scalability, and be highly efficient. Technologies allowing you to deliver content and charge for those services, all in one interface:


processes calls from carriers, does manipulation of SIP messages (to allow delivering calls to PBX systems what are not fully compatible to standards)

On-demand DID provisioning modules

connects to DID aggregators via API to instantly obtain new DID numbers (or release numbers that free up).


performs call authorization and charging (including toll-free and premium number payback charging)

DID inventory

to keep track of all DIDs and their cost/revenue and provision on demand or uploaded from a file

Self-care portal

allows customers to perform DID configuration, access CDRs and invoices, make payments, and more.


6 Steps to Provide and Monetize IPTV services ​


Choose how to start

Buy DID numbers in bulk from local telcos and import into DID inventory in PortaSwitch. Sign up with online DID providers. PortaSwitch will reserve and activate numbers when your customer requests a number.


Configure products

Include charges for DIDs plus per-minute charging (e.g. for toll-free numbers), pay-back charging (when you pay money to the owner of the number for processed calls, e.g. for premium numbers), recurring subscription fees, charges based on the number of used SIP trunks / active calls, bundle discounts, etc.


Configure & connect user

Create a customer in PortaSwitch and configure accounts underneath it to authorize SIP trunks to the customer's IP PBX or call center system. Once the customer enters these credentials into their system, they are ready to receive inbound calls.


User self manages

Customers can purchase additional numbers and change forwarding settings for specific numbers via the self-care portal.



Customers receiving inbound DID calls to an “old” IP PBX or less-than-perfect cloud PBX platform, have an option to connect their IP phones directly to your PortaSwitch and start using it as their hosted PBX.


Embed DID provisioning

Using PortaSwitch API you can embed DID provisioning into any portal or applications, or even allow your customers to do so (e.g. large call centers would request / release numbers autonomously). Or use call control API to do dynamic call routing Solution Components

What makes our PortaOne solutions special?

Act fast!

The way of doing business has become increasingly global in recent years.

Chances are your customers are operating in multiple countries and need virtual numbers on demand.

Provisioning, managing, and charging for such services can be difficult without the proper software platform.

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