OTT MVNO white paper PortaOne
The best MVNO model? What are the advantages and disadvantages to the traditional MVNO models? And is there a better option? Compare, contrast, and then learn about OTT MVNOs which offer an optimal balance of cost, flexibility and time-to-market

Traditional MVNO business models “full” and “thin” used to be the only options. We review both and discuss the advantages and drawbacks and consider a completely different option: Over-the-Top (OTT) MVNO. It provides an optimal balance of cost, flexibility and time-to-market. We explore this option and provide a study of a real-life, successful launch of an MVNO that converted further into an MVNE with an SaaS platform for multiple MVNOs.

If you are considering becoming an MVNO, have a look at our MVNO Checklist which is a helpful guide for those just starting out.

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