A Unified Service Management & Delivery Platform for voice, messaging, IoT/M2M, and data traffic within a single converged network.

Most telcos are now relying on their software vendors for integration and maintenance.

If this sounds like your company, you may be experiencing…


Discover a better way

Get PortaBilling and PortaSIP in one – convergent billing and online charging system PLUS class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch.


Instant deployment

Implement your PortaSwitch installation in the cloud within a single day

Quickly launch new services

Including efficient scaling of your PortaSwitch installation in the cloud without any additional expense

Deliver a feature-rich experience

And deliver it directly to your customer’s browser, applications, or desk phone

Uninterrupted service

Plus get zero downtime during updates with geographic redundancy across the globe

Unmatchable scalability

Choose your ideal processing capacity and increase it on demand at any time

PortaSwitch is deployed by over 500 telcos worldwide

What makes PortaSwitch a favorite in telecom circles?

Over our 20-plus years we have grown to provide services for some of the biggest telcos in the world, but we have always maintained our key principles of being fair, honest, and invested in our customers and their success by offering transparent pricing and flexible services.


Reliability and redundancy

Clustering and geo‑redundancy provide high-availability configuration and zero downtime for updates

Open architecture

PortaOne provides both APIs and source code for PortaSwitch to allow an easy integration

Scalability for growth

Our platforms can easily scale up by adding more servers to match your project’s success

Agile development

PortaOne delivers more than 20 software builds per year – new features are available every 7 weeks

24/7 technical support

Our technical support is praised as best-in-industry, with 180 engineers ready to help whenever you need it

Sign up for PortaSwitch today and enjoy getting more

PortaSwitch offers so much more than traditional switches. Combining PortaBilling and PortaSIP, you get a unified service management and delivery platform comprised of:

  • a business support system (BSS) to manage communication service networks for voice, data, SMS, IPTV, and IoT/M2M projects
  • a switch with media application that plays IVR (voice prompts) offering advanced features for hosted IP PBX or IP Centrex services

How you benefit

Experience a solution that will make your business run smoother, quicker, and even happier.

Deploy and pay exactly the way you want

It’s completely up to you how to run your operations. PortaOne guarantees the best value for any option you choose.

Deployment scenarios


Install on your own hardware and host it your favorite datacenter.

In the cloud

Oracle datacenter hosting available for SaaS subscriptions.

Payment options

Unlimited license

Pay one time for an unlimited and perpetual license for an installation of a specified number of servers.

Monthly SaaS Subscription

Based on a value metric with an initial setup charge. Always includes hosting and support.

All options include:

Dual Version

Our solution for smooth and painless updates across multiple major releases of PortaOne software.


A tool for the automation of server installation and update processes that allows secure testing and rollback to a previous version if necessary. 

How PortaOne onboards our customers


Download ›
Sign up & pay; download or get system in the cloud

2 business days


Install ›
Installation for on-premise is done in-house by the client

1-3 business days


Systems check ›
Support teams verify and test protocols remotely

2-3 business days


Learn ›
Training sessions are held for relevant customer employees

2 business days

Talk with us

Let us show you how moving to PortaOne can help you achieve your goals

Schedule a personal (video) call with sales or technical experts
Ask for a thorough presentation delivered by our professional team
Request all technical specs and documentation
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