Fully-owned, dedicated platform for providing cloud PBX, hosted PBX, UCaaS, SIP trunking and other VoIP services. Includes robust SBC, phone auto-provisioning and real-time call authorization and advanced routing.

What is PortaSIP?

PortaSIP gives VoIP providers the ability to deliver various services to end users including cloud / hosted PBX, DID management, UCaaS, and SIP trunking. It uses SIP protocol for VoIP communications.


What problems do CSPs & ISPs face?

Whether you have built you own in-house VoIP solution or are using a 3rd-party “shared” PBX platform from an MSP (Managed Services Provider), chances are you are experiencing one or more of these issues:

Your in-house system has become unmanageable

Your external platform doesn’t allow for customization

High costs are killing your profits

Discover a better way

If you are losing customers because of an inability to offer them what they want or are unable to acquire new customers because you offer what everyone else is offering, how would you like:

An out-of-the-box solution

For all standard PBX / SIP trunking functionalities, which you can then build on top and customize.

Increase efficiency, no manual labor

Full integration with phone auto-provisioning, customer on-boarding, self-care web portals, easy low-code connections to CRMs or ERPs.

Flexible scalability

Billing subscribers for usage (including bundles and discounts) and feature activation (packages or a-la carte) with fraud prevention and revenue assurance.

Fair licensing

A licensing structure that is fair and doesn’t charge you for each new feature or extension.


Enjoy a wide variety of Class 4 and Class 5 switch features for wholesale, SMB and retail/residential end users

  • Hosted PBX features
  • Call centers
  • SIP Trunking
  • API / CPaaS
  • Messaging / Presence
  • SMS processing / SMPP
  • Media server / IVR
  • SBC / Transcoding
  • Real time Credit Control
  • Dynamic Call Routing

Own it! With PortaSIP you can choose how to install:


Install on your own hardware and host it at your favorite datacenter.

In the cloud

With SaaS you get a dedicated instance from PortaOne. Never share computing resources with other CSPs.

Either way get:

  • Better performance and data security
  • Control & benefits from multi-tenant architecture to host any number of “virtual” (white-label) CSPs, resellers, distributors, customers, PBX environments, seats, etc.
  • More options to customize and differentiate

PortaSIP components

  1. DoS Protection
  2.  Transcoding, NAT traversal, IVR
  3. Call control, SIP header manipulation
  4. Service configuration
  5. Authorization and charging


hides the topology of your network for additional network security and protects from DoS attacks

Media proxy

converts media stream on-the-fly (transcoding) to connect devices using different codecs and performs NAT Traversal

SIP proxy

high-performance SIP proxy that performs real-time call authorization and advanced routing


allows external applications to dynamically control call flows, converting PortaSwitch into CPaaS

BSS / OCS Integration

with billing and customer management for phone auto-provisioning, feature activation and charging

Self-care portal

for subscribers and PBX on-boarding wizard for your staff and your distributors

Why PortaOne?

At this very moment CSPs connect 1 billion people per month using hundreds of PortaSIP servers installed in 100+ countries. See why CSPs choose PortaSIP for their VoIP services platform.


Unlimited & perpetual license

Add customers, products, and seats with no additional costs. All features modules and new features included with no markup.

Access to full source code

Customize as you like. Bundle calling services into customer-facing apps (e.g. CRM), program your own integrations, IVRs or call handling scenarios, or change the core of the system.

Fully integrated with BSS

Eliminate revenue leakage and effectively manage customer data within a single screen for provisioning calling features, service configuration, rate decks and charging.

CPaaS capabilities

Offer customers the ability to create tailored voice processing scenarios for their own business applications.

What makes our PortaOne solutions special?

Act fast!

The potential market is HUGE but also FINITE. So if you don’t act now, tomorrow might be too late.

Avoid price wars and the inability to differentiate yourself. Choose to stand out by creating a custom solution for each customer segment and shine!

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