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Deliver a business communication environment to your SMB and enterprise customers with PortaSwitch – voice, video, CCaaS, CRM integrations, and more.

In todays PBX market...

Hosted PBX and cloud-based PBX / UCaaS providers are losing money, losing their competitive advantage, and losing control over their solutions – and their customers. They know that its no longer possible to offer only cheap voice calls’ or ‘cloud PBX’ and expect to be competitive or profitable.

If this sounds familiar, you might be experiencing the following:

Youve been forced to move to SaaS

so you don’t control product development, integration, or troubleshooting. You’re left to resell the same solutions as your competitors, locked out of the ability to offer popular new tools like CCaaS.

Your PBX provider has been acquired

by a large corporation that is less worried about updates. That means you’re losing new sales as your system becomes more and more outdated.

Your customers are fleeing

to new-age platforms such as WhatsApp, Slack, or MS Teams.


Tatyana Massalskaya

PortaOne Head of Marketing

Cloud PBX customers are demanding more functionality, cheaper prices, and additional cloud contact center seats from CSPs – all while per-seat and per-active-call licensing fees drive margins downward and put the squeeze on growth.

PortaSwitch comes with the very unique offering of an unlimited perpetual license: we do not charge you per subscriber, so you can maintain a predictable total cost of ownership. That means your business telephony service can grow with your customers – while your profits grow, too.

Portaone Cloud PBX & Call Center

Integrated business communication solution

Become a next-generation provider of communication services by delivering an integrated business cloud telephony solution that your SMB and enterprise customers will be excited about.

Grow Revenue

Increase your revenue

Use our cloud marketplace to expand your range of value-added services and create irresistible 'a la carte' bundles & solutions for niche enterprise markets

happy portaone

Stay agile and flexible

Customize new packages for your customers with open architecture, an integration platform, and programmable voice (CPaaS) capabilities

Value Proposition | PortaOne

Monetize any service

Gain access to built-in real-time charging for usage, bundles, and discounts, as well as recurring billing and e-invoicing


Reduce costs and increase your efficiency

Enable self-care portals for customers and automate processes with a low-code platform

Unbeatable features

Single unified platform

All administration (subscriptions, customer data, PBX settings, call routing, and more) is done from a single UI

Fully open architecture

Gain access to APIs and source code for integration with core network, CRM, ERP, accounting, and more, via DIY or by hiring a third party

Cloud deployment

Focus on designing new products and getting more customers while we manage the cloud infrastructure and app maintenance

White-labeled mobile app

Your customers see your brand and your custom components on a WebRTC-based app with enhanced sound quality and pixel-perfect UI

App marketplace

Pick, click, and launch a variety of services (MS Teams integration, cloud contact centers, and so much more) using our Add-on Mart

Why choose PortaOne?

We promise and deliver the best value and fair pricing.

With our convergent billing and online charging system plus class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch you can expect flexibility, transparency, and our full investment in your success.


Short go-to-market time

Agile development ensures the release of new software updates every 7 weeks

Fair pricing

Choose from an unlimited perpetual license or simple, value-based SaaS metric: all features, maintenance & support are included

24/7 technical support

Our technical support is praised as best-in-industry, with 180 engineers ready to help whenever you need it

Confidence and security

Gain the security of high availability and zero downtime during updates due to clustering and geo‑redundancy

More control in your hands

Control your software, updates, pricing, and operation in a datacenter of your choice

4 steps to managing your cloud PBX – from idea to earnings



Set up service parameters for recurring and usage-based charging. Activate customers.


IP phone auto-provisioning

Zero-effort instantaneous configuration of more than 50 preset IP phones. Add new models easily.


Self-care portal

Let your customer perform most cloud PBX configuration steps and payments while enjoying great UX.


Service delivery

Monitor, troubleshoot, send invoices, and generate revenue.

CloudPBX YouTube playlist
Turn PortaSwitch into a full-scale UCaaS platform with our Cloud PBX + Cloud Call Center self-care portal › Watch to learn how.

What makes our PortaOne solutions special?

How you benefit

Experience a solution that will make your business run smoother, quicker, and even happier.

Paul de Haan

former Senior VoIP Specialist/Architect at Breezz (now part of VodafoneZiggo)

Breezz has utilized PortaSwitch to support 80+ white-label resellers of hosted PBX services. Its open architecture allowed us to bring new product options to the market quickly; and the reliability enabled to do all this with only 2 engineers in the team initially.

Within 6 years we were the largest supplier of hosted PBX / SIP trunking service in the country with over 100.000 active users total.

Act fast!

Waiting means losing traction and getting left behind.

Consumers are already becoming comfortable with ‘new-age’ platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp and Teams.

Waiting could mean losing your current customers, forcing you into the high expense of looking for brand-new customers.

The PBX and UCaaS segments are seeing huge growth. Enterprise customers want access to tools like a mini cloud contact center, customer self-service, virtual receptionists, and more. Become an early provider and reap the benefits first.

What customers say


Gert van den Berg

Founder of Breezz (now part of VodafoneZiggo)

Our initial goal was to challenge the major incumbent in the Netherlands – KPN – with a VoIP platform that could offer more retail features at a competitive price.

Finding an independent technical platform versatile and scalable enough to support the task, provided difficult – until we found PortaSwitch.

Within 6 years we became the largest supplier of hosted PBX / SIP trunking service in the country with 35,000 SMB customers (over 500.000 phone lines).


Krzysztof Zych

former Group Head of IT of GTS Poland now part of T-Mobile

While managing IT infrastructure of GTS Poland, the PortaSwitch system operated so smoothly and the PortaOne team managing it produced so few escalations that when I met them at a trade fair recently, initially I could not even recall their names.

I wish every operator would have as many systems as PortaSwitch that work properly, generate revenue, and allow executives to focus on their job.

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