Become a partner

Partner with PortaOne to receive support for your innovative projects, earn extra revenue, and gain visibility among our global customer base.

Become a Partner

Partnering with PortaOne can bring many benefits, including expert support for your innovative projects, the ability to develop end-to-end solutions, opportunities for co-marketing and co-branding, and the chance to earn extra revenue through referrals or app sales to our wide customer base.

Are you working on an exciting project that includes communication services? We can make it easier, faster, and better.

By partnering with PortaOne, you’ll not only get the industry expertise you need to bring your project to fruition, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn extra income through referrals or by selling subscriptions for your apps on our marketplace. Plus, you’ll get some valuable exposure in front of our global customer base. Sounds like a win-win, right? If you’re interested, let’s chat and see how we can make it happen.


Klaus Haertel

Director of Strategic Alliances and Channel Sales

Partner with us to receive support for your innovative projects, earn extra revenue, and gain wide visibility.

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Strategic Platform Partner

Embedded technology solutions that enhance and enable the PortaOne solution stack.


  • The chance to leverage best-of-breed technologies
  • A decrease in time-to-market by embedding existing partner solutions
  • Access to market leading technologies with PortaOne as a single point of contact
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Alliance Partner

Alliance partners jointly promote their products and solutions across their customer bases to help each other grow.

This level of partnership with PortaOne can bring many benefits, including:

  • Seamless end-to-end solution
  • Proven reference implementation that is supported by both engineering teams
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Channel Partner

Elevated technology partners that are strategically aligned with PortaOne. These are the most trusted technology partners and preferred solution providers.


  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers
  • Earn referral revenue for successful introductions
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Technology Partner

Technology partners provide complementary innovations that enhance our PortaOne software solutions.

Benefits include:

  • Proven and seamless interoperability
  • Specific points of contacts to reduce research
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System Integrators

SIs are trusted advisors, strategic consultants, and expert implementers of PortaOne software solutions. SI partners are certified to integrate PortaBilling into an overall solution portfolio.


  • Add an agile, flexible BSS & OCS solution stack to your portfolio
  • Gain access to our skilled PortaOne team of engineers and analysts to tackle challenging customer requirements
  • Flexible commercial structure for increased earning potential
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Service Partners

Service partners are complementary service providers that our clients rely on as part of their operations.

This level of partnership with PortaOne bring following benefits:

  • Become a trusted third-party service provider to PortaOne clients
  • Preferred points of contact
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App Partners

Technology and integration enthusiasts that contribute to the Add-on Mart, a subscription-based app marketplace accessible to all PortaOne customers.


  • Access to an exclusive, engaged and worldwide market of telecom businesses
  • Apps can be contributed by anyone
  • Earn monthly recurring revenue (MRR) with every install

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