Training Programs

Essential onsite or virtual training programs for our partners and customers worldwide, delivered by our highly specialized engineers.

Who benefits

Our custom-made training programs are essential for any operator or service provider that strives to increase the value derived from deploying PortaOne solutions. 

The price of training comes automatically included for owners of PortaBilling or PortaSwitch licenses.

In addition, a complimentary 2-day training regarding new features and onsite assistance is provided for subscribers of the PortaCare Pro program.


Hemanta Sharma

CEO at Radius Communications

“The training program provided by PortaOne was consistent, structured, and professional.” 

Radius Communications offers hosted IP PBX services, calling cards, callshops, and wholesale VoIP termination with PortaSwitch. 

Why attend?

The training includes the necessary information that increases the value when deploying PortaOne solutions
man in black crew neck t-shirt using black laptop computer

Reduce the time required to achieve business goals

Promote continuous process improvement to accelerate returns on investment

Increase acceptance by partners and customers

Improve the reliability and quality of operations and newly-installed software

Who should attend?

Network and system engineers

responsible for maintenance and deployment of the PortaOne solution

Project managers

responsible for implementation of the PortaOne solution

Customer service specialists

as well as marketing, pricing, and product managers


Training can take place at any of the following places:

  • on-premise at the customer’s office/facility
  • PortaOne facilities in either North America or Europe
  • Virtually / Online

If the situation allows for it, onsite training is optimal, however a visit to one of the PortaOne facilities or a virtual training session is also possible.


Marian Juskiewicz

CTO at VoxNet

“The training was included in the price of PortaSwitch and conducted in a highly professional manner, thus quickly alleviating our concerns about adopting a new software platform.”

VoxNet runs multiple calling card and residential VoIP businesses with a single PortaSwitch.


The training is always tailored to specific requirements and audiences, ensuring that all parties and departments involved benefit.

The typical training syllabus includes the following topics and subtopics: 

General presentation of system concepts

  • Introduction to PortaOne, PortaBilling, and PortaSwitch
  • User and roles: permissions, management
  • Customer management (prepaid and postpaid customers)

Profit-related configuration workshop

  • Rating, tariffs, and products
  • Volume discounts, quotas, and wallets
  • Subscription plans

Cost-related items and inventories workshop

  • Vendors management and routing settings
  • DID management
  • SIM card management
  • Auto-provisioning of CPEs and IP phones

Billing & Revenue-sharing model configuration

  • Invoicing and collection, taxation
  • Available reports and statistics
  • Resellers / Distributors / Representatives

Hands-on configuration of required scenarios

  • SIP trunking & hosted IP PBX
  • Residential services and mobile app
  • Prepaid real time services, e.g. calling cards
  • Wholesale traffic exchange
  • Data services (e.g. capped, uncapped, hotspot)
  • Instant messaging and SMS
    IPTV and pay-per-view services

Advanced settings & Best practices

  • Advanced PortaSwitch architecture
  • Best practices and troubleshooting techniques
  • Communication with PortaOne technical support team

Need a custom built training session to fit your project requirements? 

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