New Telco Business Models Await with IoT and AI PortaOne at MWC
AI and IoT deployment are changing the telco industry forever. At MWC Barcelona, PortaOne and TechAfricaNews discuss how new innovations are helping telcos overcome the commodity problem to finally unlock the true potential of the booming IoT and AI landscapes. You’ll hear about the new IoT Mill rapid deployment kit, where the real potential lies for AI in telco, and what pitfalls telecoms need to look out for as they embrace these technologies. Read on to discover how PortaOne can help you navigate new business models and thrive as a leader in the connected world
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At MWC Barcelona 2024, PortaOne unveiled the IoT Mill platform, a hardware kit for rapid IoT deployment that simplifies the setup of IoT projects for businesses. TechAfricaNews founder Akim Benamara spoke with PortaOne CEO Andriy Zhylenko about this innovation, along with how AI and IoT are changing the telecom landscape forever.

IoT for Telcos is not just about connectivity; it’s about integrating companies into the IoT ecosystem, enabling startups to deliver services faster with a higher rate of success.

Andriy Zhylenko, CEO, PortaOne

Watch the full interview to hear about creating an IoT ecosystem, moving beyond connectivity, and redeveloping your infrastructure with AI. At PortaOne, we believe that AI can transform telcos, not only for smoother customer interactions (no more hold times!), but also for improving internal operations. PortaOne is already using AI internally and sees it as a game changer for the entire industry.

This interview delves into these insights, and highlights the PortaOne commitment to shaping the future of telco services and helping businesses thrive in the connected world. 

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