WIFI HotSpot Billing Software for ISPs with PortaBilling​

Increased monetization opportunities with flexible top-up options, an unlimited number of hotspots, resellers or distributors, plus a shorter go-to-market time, and the freedom to develop, integrate, and control your costse customers with PortaSwitch – voice, video, CRM integrations, and more.

What is WIFI HotSpot Billing?

WIFI hotspot billing software helps ISPs to control and bill customers for internet services.

PortaBilling offers ISPs the ability to do just that by accurately and effectively managing their charging services with real-time charging and voucher authorization when providing WIFI hotspots. 


Tatyana Massalskaya

PortaOne Head of Marketing

Our unique offering will help you reduce the overhead and increase your profit with more chances to monetize thanks to a limitless number of hotspots included in the basic package.

What problems do WiFi HotSpot providers face?

Are you an ISP who offers hotspot services? Are you experiencing the following? 

Difficulties, stress, & overhead related to customer provisioning, authorization and accounting

Increased costs or lack of profits due to a limit on vouchers and hotspots

Multiple platforms which increase the possibilities of making mistakes in data entry

Lack of competitive edge with other solutions on the market

Discover a better way

Simplify daily operations by allowing your team to work within one UI and enjoy the benefits of open-architecture for easy integration with local payment systems or sponsors.


Decrease the total cost of ownership with unlimited vouchers or hotspots


Attract resellers and distributors with white-labeling, flexible commission scheme and ability to integrate into distributor’s point-of-sale system (e.g. hotel front-desk application)


Reduce costs and increase profits with minimal provisioning and authorization responsibilities


Connect hotspots from various vendors (MirkoTik, Cisco, etc.)

What's in it for you?

Experience increased efficiency by doing more with less – less complexity, less vendors, and less hassle.

Enjoy higher profit margins

with unlimited license, simply upgrade to a more powerful hardware to process more API requests, calls and subscribers

Boost sales productivity

You and channel partners can scale sales by turning an app developer into your channel partner. One deal can multiple itself tenfold.

Increase customer base

by offering the flexibility and scalability customers are demanding and products they can get excited about.

Reduce costs

by “outsourcing” implementation of custom scenarios to customer or 3rd party developers

Why choose PortaOne?

What has made so many wireless ISPs join the community of PortaBilling users when providing WiFi hotspot access points? We’ve got 5 reasons for you right here!


Unlimited license

No limit on the number of hotspots, the number of resellers or distributors of those vouchers or number of vouchers. For fixed wireless, enjoy an unlimited number of customers.

Best-in-industry support

As voted by those in the know. Relax knowing the best tech support is there for you 24/7.

Fast and agile

Short go-to-market time with agile development, delivering new software updates released every 7 weeks.

All-in-One platform

PortaOne’s solution is a single convergent billing and online charging system plus softswitch on one easy-to-use interface.

How does it work?

We combine these technologies to offer you the most accurate, up-to-date information to ensure proper billing and management of user accounts, limits, and internet plans:

  • AAA (real-time Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) allows real-time charging for data sessions and voucher authorization.
  • WiFi access points manage locally connected WiFi users and use PortaBilling AAA to authenticate them and report their usage.
  • Captive Portals (authorization portals) gives you the ability to offer various customized portals for end-user to enter their credentials and connect to WiFi

How to get started

3 steps for ISP to set up charging for WiFi hotspot access points



Load PortaBilling in your data center. With access to APIs and full source code integration is quick and seamless.



Easily create and define customer products in your service catalog within PortaBilling. (rating methods, service parameters, usage charges, etc.)



Internally manage batches of vouchers for prepaid WiFi services or create a network of resellers and distributors.

Benefits of PortaOne WiFi Hotspot billing solution

Increase revenue with more ways to monetize

bundle services, internet data access, onboard resellers and distributors

Decrease operational costs and increase stability

get an integrated platform with a single interface for billing and provisioning of all services

Enjoy happy distributors and resellers

offer them unlimited vouchers and hotspots, and ability to access their inventory

Be free to customize and integrate

open architecture means PortaOne always supplies the APIs and source code to allow for easy integration

What makes our PortaOne solutions special?

Act fast!

Current trends in travel and remote work means people are on the road with the desire to stay connected anywhere they go.

ISPs can increase their monetization opportunities by offering services to distributors at these locations

There is little to no extra effort on the side of the ISPs.

It’s an effective and simple way to gain more traction without many additional expenses.

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