Development roadmaps

Twenty years in the making and many more to come

Thank you to all PortaOne customers

for your help in the co-creation of our development roadmap plan.

The collaboration within our PortaOne customer community has and always will be a significant contributing factor in our product development.


Mike Kidik

Product Development Officer at PortaOne

“At PortaOne we believe that we can and should always be moving forward, evolving and improving ourselves and our services. This is why we have devised roadmaps, particular to our solutions and our technologies.” 

Business Support System Roadmap

Our roadmap for future enhancements to PortaOne BSS revolves around 3 key ingredients: 

Enabling our customers to 

  1. Launch extremely quickly with reliable and tested products and templates
  2. Pick and choose ‘best of breed’ components for flexibility and a competitive advantage
  3. Easily create and provision new products and solutions for specific customers

Here’s how we can, and are now, providing this:

Further adoption of TMForum's eTOM, SID and OpenAPI

Digital services catalog, enhanced virtual operators

IoT provisioning and vertical integrations

Pre-built integrations for SDN, 5G and network slicing

Expanded set of VAS modules in Add-on Mart

Softswitch System Roadmap

Our softswitch customers arrive to us from an array of circumstances 

  • In-house VoIP systems assembled from various open-source components that are unmanageable
  • Outdated UCaaS systems
  • Separated billing and softswitch that results in manual data entry and revenue leaks

They require a platform which can create new services developed on top of the platform and with 3rd party integrations; migrate easily and automatically to our solutions; and reduce ongoing operation efforts.

Improved API with built-in routing and charging functions

Additional enterprise hosted PBX features

Automated migration tool for BroadSoft users

Open-source SDK for building mobile/desktop apps (Flutter)

Expanded set of VAS modules in Add-on Mart

General Technology Roadmap

We believe we can offer more to our current customers, but also more to the wider telecom community. That’s why we are experimenting (and succeeding) at creating solutions that work within, but also outside PortaSwitch. 

  • Allow operators too busy to switch systems to move faster, change infrastructure faster
  • Allow any software developer for cloud to use a generic tool to facilitate deployment, configuration, and maintenance across physical servers
  • Decrease the time and effort spent on converting legacy on-premise installations to private or public cloud
  • Provide a universally accessible telecom provisioning engine to be used by operators (those with or without PortaSwitch)

Expand Dual Version solution to be used for radial updates of telco systems by other vendors

Conversion of existing Configurator into a tool for cloud application orchestration and config management

Further adoption of microservices by deploying on-premise K8s/K3s and shifting workload there

Migrating provisioning engine to the cloud version based on

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