FTTH/FTTX Billing & Provisioning Platform for ISPs

A future-proof provisioning & billing platform improving efficiency for ISPs. One bill for your customers & a single UI for your staff – for all services you offer. 

What is FTTH/FTTX?

Fiber to the home/Fiber to the X is the ‘future-proof’ way service providers can continually offer their customers the highest bandwidth – whether in the home or in the office.

What problems do ISPs face?

ISPs offer their customers a lot of different services which traditionally require individual billing and provisioning platforms. Running multiple billing systems in parallel has these drawbacks:

  • Increased operating expenses
  • More tedious work for employees
  • High risk of data mismatch errors between systems
  • Hard to detect revenue leakages

Tatyana Massalskaya

PortaOne Head of Marketing

Reliable high-speed Internet access serves as the foundation for delivering other services, such as hosted PBX, video streaming, and value-added services like omni-channel communication for CRMs.

These services are vital in helping connect people, which is why we work hard to deliver a solution that is as simple to use as possible and at a price point that is fair to all.

Discover a better way

With PortaBilling as your provisioning and billing platform, ISPs get

Fully automated

Service delivery to subscribers is fully automated through easy integration with other back-office systems

Convergent billing system

PortaOne solution works for internet access, IPTV, fixed line, VoIP / hosted PBX, bundling other services such as mobile, and more

With freedom of choice

Offer your subscribers a full variety of equipment for accessing high-speed Internet services

What's in it for you?

See why FTTH and FTTX service providers are choosing PortaBilling to be their all-in-one provisioning and billing platform

More time for the important things

We handle updates so you can invest time in new products and signing up more customers

Scale with ease

Great for B2B, B2C, and B2B2X segments with the potential to scale by adding more servers to match your desired growth

Easier admin duties

Convergent billing, online charging system, hosted PBX and SIP trunking platform within a single UI for admin

Confidence and security

High availability & zero downtime updates through clustering and geo‑redundancy

Why choose PortaOne?

We promise and deliver the best value, efficiency and increase of traction with PortaOne’s all-in-one FTTH billing and provisioning platform


Short go-to-market time

Agile development ensures the release of new software updates every 7 weeks

Fair pricing

Choose from an unlimited perpetual license or simple, value-based SaaS metric. All features, maintenance & support included

Open architecture

No constraints. Get the API and full source code so you can develop, integrate, and control your growth

24/7 technical support

Our technical support is praised as best-in-industry, with 180 engineers ready to help whenever you need them

How does it work?

Deliver high-speed Internet services to subscribers with FTTH/FTTX using Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) / Active Ethernet (AE) fiber access technologies.
  1. PortaBilling provisions user endpoints (Optical Network Terminals) by passing customer config data (e.g. max bandwidth allowed) to Access Management System (AMS) by vendors such as Calix, Zhone, ZTE, etc.
  2. The AMS handles network access management and bandwidth control by activating services on the ONTs and allocating bandwidth limits for subscribers.
  3. PortaBilling provides a single UI for both customers and service management, automating the service configuration and delivery to subscribers.

Increase offerings with triple play, quad play, even “N-play” by selling additional services to the customer while providing a single bill


4 steps to efficiency, profits and traction



Set up service parameters for recurring and usage-based charging. Activate customers.



Work efficiently by optimizing your daily operations - automize policy and service provisioning


Increase profits

use monetization opportunities - offer a more diverse range of services to customers, packaged in tailor-made bundles


Increase retention

Gain traction with better user experience - consolidated billing, detailed transaction history, self-care portal, and more

What makes our PortaOne solutions special?

Act fast!

Fiber optics are the most secure way for ISPs to offer the fastest internet connection and they are the way of the future. But experts predict a peak in the very near future:

Telecommunications providers large and small are already entering the game and expanding at increasingly rapid rates. Don’t miss your opportunity to get a foothold in the game and provide your customers the service they want.

FTTH and FTTX should lead to decreased churn for ISPs as consumer demand grows on average of 70% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), especially with video-on-demand.

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