IPTV Billing & Provisioning Platform for all Triple Play Services

Expand Triple Play Services to Quad Play Services – Internet, Voice, IPTV/VoD/PPV + Mobile – while reducing IT expenses with a single, converged provisioning and billing platform

What is IPTV?

Traditional TV is a thing of the past. Customers want a wide range of products and services such as TV, Internet and data at their whim. 

Content delivery companies and service providers need a simple and intuitive platform to confidently provision and charge customers while delivering their end users the video and TV content they want – on demand.


Tatyana Massalskaya

PortaOne Head of Marketing

With PortaBilling, you get an all-in-one platform for provisioning and charging – eliminating the risk of revenue leakage. Plus you get the ability to customize as you like, create bundles for niche markets, and increase your attractiveness with value-added services that easily integrate.

Why delivering Triple Play services is not simple

CSPs, ISPs and Telcos delivering Triple Play services to customers have to deal with a lot of demands from end users which can generate issues and frustrations.

Risk of lost profits

Creating customized products and pricing can be complicated and leaves the possibility of revenue leakage.

Demand for tailored offers

Customers want products that are unique and fit their demands (Video-on-DEMAND)

Increased potential of errors

Multiple systems/platforms for product creation, provisioning and charging can lead to mistakes as admins move from one to another.

Lack of differentiation

Standard packages aren’t what customers want and it’s what your competition is offering

Discover a better way

But there is a way to satisfy customers’ demands while ensuring you profit and your employees are working efficiently.

Easily combine services

Combine Triple-play and Quad-play services with pricing and include other services (domestic minutes, data, etc)

Increase value

Attach attractive value-added services to stand out from the competition

Reduce internal hustle

Work within a single system/platform/UI to decrease errors, increase productivity, and reduce IT expenses

Show customers you care

Give your customers more independence

What's in it for you?

Reduce costs by outsourcing implementation of custom scenarios to customers or 3rd parties. We also maintain the platform, so you save on hardware purchasing, hosting, provisioning, and maintenance

Rapidly expand sales volume

Cater to niche communities in any country, multiple currencies and markets, cross-service promotions and discounts, and resellers (white-label operators)

Provide better experience for end user

Customer self-care portal, self-management of additional packages, online payments and top-up

Increase profits

by reducing revenue leakage; offering flexible channel packages; creating bundles services (VoWiFi, internet data access, etc.); upselling customers with added features and VAS; onboarding resellers and distributors

Extend customer lifecycle

Happier customers means stronger, longer relationships. Deliver customers what they want, when they want it.

Why choose PortaOne?

See why hundreds of CSPs/ISPs in nearly 100 countries, who need to deliver IPTV to customers, choose PortaBilling


No constraints

Agile development ensures the release of new software updates every 7 weeks.

Zero hidden costs

All features and modules included; new features available as a part of regular support & maintenance at no extra cost

Unlimited & perpetual license

Flexible and scalable to add customers, products, and seats with no additional costs

Zero downtime

Benefit from our wide range of geographic locations to ensure redundancy when performing software upgrades

How does it work?

Technologies allowing you to deliver content and charge for those services, all in one interface


creates specialized bundles for markets, customizes with value-added services, sets up pricing for VoD events, activates customers, monitors, troubleshoots, issues invoices

Media streaming server

generates content and delivers to customers (via set-top box or smartphone/tablet app)

Video on Demand/ Pay-per-view server

end users can browse content libraries and purchase. Delivery via real-time charging API or a batch file import

Set-top box

enables customers with traditional hardware TV sets to connect

Smartphone/tablet app

allows TV to be watched anywhere via a WiFi/4G connection.


4 Steps to Provide and Monetize IPTV services ​


Create and define products in PortaBilling

Include other services like domestic minutes, data, mobile services. Define recurring fees and add-on channel packages (HBO for $X/ month)


Customer sign up

Customer signs up and instantly is provisioned on self-care portal. Future changes (e.g. product change or customer blocked) are immediately updated in customer’s record.


Customer accesses IPTV

Customer accesses IPTV services via: Set-top box and activation code (first time only) Smartphone app


Customer is charged:

Pay-per-view - deductions made from customer’s balance; Monthly bill issued automatically.

PortaOne’s video platform partners for IPTV


Minerva Networks






Espial (Enghouse)

Unlock access to all the channels and shows YOUR customers want when you integrate with one of these (or another) content management platforms.

Don’t see your preferred video delivery platform?

No problem! With PortaOne, you’ll never be locked in.

PortaBilling’s open architecture easily allows users to create a customized service provisioning plugin module for new vendors and platforms.  Contact PortaOne’s technical team to discuss and plan integration and an interop test.


Source Code

with full access you reduce your development and integration costs and speed up the process by doing it in-house


Allow you to implement integrations seamlessly with external systems and build mobile apps with more effective communication abilities

VAS Integration

With Add-on Mart (cloud marketplace for telco apps), you can create new product bundles and launch immediately using value-added service packages developed by 3rd parties


Built-in authorization and charging capabilities allow ISV using your CPaaS to instantly bill end-users and monetize their work

Instantaneous service provisioning

Once created in PortaBilling, customers are immediately activated on the IPTV platform, increasing daily operations and reducing errors in manual entry

Consolidated bill

No matter the services you offer and how your customers use them, you and they only see one bill for an easier, more transparent experience

Self-care portal

Increase customer experience by empowering them to take on managing many of their own tasks, thus freeing up your employees to work more efficiently

What makes our PortaOne solutions special?

Act fast!

There remains a huge unreached market who will soon start migrating to IPTV services. Be ready to capture them when they decide to start streaming.

Within streaming services, there is room to grow and expand as Disney Plus showed when surpassing Netflix recently.

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