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Helping you meet market demands with updates and new features delivered to you every 7 weeks 

Why do you need it agile?

Get your new product or services up and running in a matter of weeks, outpacing your competition.

We deliver robust and constantly evolving products that quickly adapt to changing market requirements using a unique development process that combines many of the strengths of traditional software development practices with agile programming.

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Do you need a custom development project done on a tight timeline?


Nick Birtwistle

CEO, Chief Executive Officer at Boom

We chose to partner with PortaOne for our cloud PBX needs given their flexible and feature rich platform, backed up with first class support when we need it.

With PortaSwitch we were able to create real value-added services for our end users and their development cycles of 7 weeks kept us constantly updated and made it easier to monetize our services.

Why service providers choose PortaOne


We supply new software releases every 7 weeks so our customers can prepare and plan ahead


Our customers have faith in us that we will deliver new updates on time, as planned, without delay


Our commitment to excellence, focusing on the stability of the system and uninterrupted services


Our ability to provide a product which constantly evolves and adapts to changing market requirements


We listen to our customers’ requests and follow through to make them a reality, faster than anybody else on the market

Customer-driven development

Be in the driver’s seat – make suggestions, requests, and offer feedback. Discover how we operate our development updates and how you are a part of it.

We follow the agile development process, which allows for a superior quality product, better control of costs, reduces risks and increases the flexibility of you business.

This agile process allows PortaOne to offer a short waiting time for a new functionality, unmatched in the industry.

Unrivaled development lifecycle, new features in weeks.


2 to 3 months – the time the customer identifies a business case and submits a feature request until the first version of the functionality is delivered


90% of all new features are requested by customers

Requesting new functionality

Steps for customers to request new functionalities in PortaOne development:

1-2 weeks

Customer and PortaOne Project Management team work closely to specify use case.

7 weeks

Development team works on design and implementation and delivers the code.

3 weeks

Quality assurance and testing.


Maintenance release delivered on a fixed date (known well in advance)

Custom development

PortaOne also provides custom development for customers who have a hard or urgent deadline. For more information regarding custom development, please speak with someone in your support team.

How we deliver updates

To simplify migration to the new software version, reduce the amount of personnel training, and guaranteeing system stability, we use a constructive system of Maintenance Releases and Software Builds. 

Maintenance Releases (MR)

  • A new software version of PortaSwitch is released every 7 weeks
  • It contains new features, new enhancements, & bug fixes for known issues 

Software Builds

  • Released 7 weeks following MR build zero
  • Within a build, any bugs detected in the most recent release are fixed and minor improvements made

To learn more details about maintenance releases, how we choose which features to include in future updates, and how you can order custom development, contact us directly. We look forward to speaking with you.

There’s even a story about maintenance releases,  check out these articles penned by our incredible writers


Chris Taylor

President & CEO of Tropical Telecom Ltd.

PortaOne is constantly adding new features and improving capability and resiliency to make the platform better and enhance connectivity. As a result of this cooperation, our service revenues across the region have increased by 400% since integrating PortaSwitch into our network.


Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM)

The agile development style was extremely successful for us at Telekom Malaysia during our migration to PortaSwitch. We were able to save time, effort and money while migrating quickly and with few to no inconveniences for our customers. The whole process from start to finish was flawless – very well designed and executed.

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