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С++ developer

We are looking for a developer to join the team that works with a SIP SoftSwitch. SIP is a protocol used in Internet Telephony. A lot of particularities of our work are connected with it.

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Technical Writer

PortaOne is looking for a technical writer to join our team. You’ll be working with new release guides, handbooks that keep updating permanently.

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PortaOne’s mission is only realized with the dedication and hardwork of our employees

And thanks to our incredible team of engineers, developers, designers, sales, and more, we are able to achieve this mission.

If you want to find out what it’s like to work with a bunch of like-valued individuals who care so much about their work that we are continually voted ‘best-in-industry’ support then you’ve come to the right place.


Andriy Zhylenko

Founder and CEO

Many might describe us as a software company, but really we’re a support company. 

We support telecommunication providers so that they can help keep individuals connected, no matter the distance, situation, or time of day. And support comes in many forms – from technical support, to project managers, to sales and marketing. Our colleagues in the industry have recognized this in our work and our customers appreciate us for this.

Who we want

No matter the position you are looking at and possibly accept, you’ll be a valuable part of our support-providing team.

We are looking for people who excel in their field but are also willing and able to come together when necessary and cooperate with those in their teams, as well as outside their teams.

We like all of our candidates to possess these skills:

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Ability to explain complex problems in a clear and intelligible manner.

Strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision.

Ability to learn quickly and work well in a team.

We offer a healthy work/life balance

Many of our employees have extremely interesting and creative hobbies outside of the office, facilitated by their ability to take the necessary time off. If you join you’ll be sure to find someone with a similar extracurricular activity.

Flexible schedule

Exact details depend on your exact position, but most positions have flexible schedules with the ability to choose your start/stop time, and possibly your location.

Time off

At a minimum, all employees receive 24 days of paid vacation and sick leave annually. We highly encourage our employees to use these days as they see fit. While we’re glad that so many PortaOne employees love coming to work, we also want everyone to enjoy time outside of work.

Competitive salary

While some companies want to ‘compensate’ employees with added-benefits, we also believe that monetary compensation is important to show that we value and appreciate our employees' efforts and hardwork. That’s why we are proud to offer a very competitive salary and on top of that, we pay in USD.

Great work culture

You'll be joining a friendly, welcoming team, and you'll have the opportunity to participate in fun team building activities and corporate events.

Does this sound like the spot for you?

If you are interested in one of the above positions or just think you’d be a valuable member of the team in another capacity, please contact us today.

You can send your resume (CV) as a word document or PDF to:

We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

What can you expect

No matter what job you end up accepting with PortaOne, here is what you can expect as a valued member of our team:

Professional development

At PortaOne we believe that everything and everyone can grow and learn continually through their lives and careers. Just like our systems, we are constantly making improvements to ourselves with professional development training programs that are open to all employees.

In addition, you’ll be surrounded by knowledgeable and enthusiastic colleagues who want to help you succeed in your evolution and will be there to help along the way with their experiences.


We’ve been providing telecommunication solutions for 20+ years. We now serve 500+ clients in nearly 100 countries – and demand for our products is only increasing.

That means you’ll be joining a growing business that can offer you a stable income and interesting challenges. The original founding members are still central to our operations and many of our employees joined 8, 9, 10+ years ago and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

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