Add value and profits to your telco services in a few clicks!

How does your telco stand out from the crowd, increase profit margins, and offer products customers love without extra effort on your side? With PortaOne’s Add-on Mart, a VAS marketplace.

Running a profitable telco is difficult these days …

Margins are low

enterprise customers require retail services in wholesale game

Competition is fierce

for products like hosted PBX or SIP

Customers are leaving

to new-age CPaaS

PortaOne has your solution

Add-on Mart

Cloud-based marketplace of value-added services and apps for telcos

Create unique offerings in a few clicks with pre-vetted apps like integrations with CRM, provisioning of user devices, self-care portals and softphones. With low-code configuration and integration, it’s easy to use and efficient.


from a host of pre-vetted, approved apps from PortaOne and 3rd party developers


with CRM, accounting, customer engagement, & ecommerce platforms


unique offerings and attractive products that customers will love


easy-to-use and efficient low-code platform


VoIP phones, softphones, IoT devices, self care portals

Ideal solution to deal with

Problem #1

There is no longer enough margin in wholesale telco or “basic” calling services


Increase revenue by creating business productivity packages

Vertical solutions that include calling, call recording, and analytics fully integrated in a popular CRM (e.g. Hubspot) that will uniquely fit each of your customer segments. 

With full access to the APIs, open architecture, and a low-code platform, your team can work independently – developing at your speed and delivering a solution to capture specific opportunities quickly and within budget.


Thomas Hazelaar

Managing Board / CTO at The Sound of Data BV

PortaOne allows us to focus on the business side of telephony services. With the rich set of APIs and a robust billing system and amazing support team in the package, we can consolidate our operational efforts onto one single platform.

This reduces our time to market, increases further growth, and allows our people to do what they do best: provide high-quality telephony solutions. From Wholesale to Retail and anything in between.

Problem #2

Competition for products like hosted PBX or SIP trunking is fierce


Differentiate yourself creating a unique high-value service or a bundle

Boost sales by differentiating yourself from the competition. Create a unique and highly-valued service by bundling into your existing product set pre-validated elements (e.g. advanced call analytics) from Add-on Mart and delivering them to your customers.


Otto Kolbe

CEO and owner at Virtual-Call

It took us 5 minutes to sign up for PortaOne Add-On Mart. Once we completed the initial configuration of PortaSwitch, it now takes us only 5 minutes to on-board a new PBX customer with MS Teams connectivity, with no changes on the network and no software update on our main platform.

We look forward to utilizing more modules to increase our revenue.

Problem #3

Customers are leaving for new-age "free" services


Run your own CPaaS and offer it to your customers

Run your own CPaaS and offer it to your customers, partners and independent software vendors (ISVs). They can continue consuming your regular services such as cloud PBX or SIP trunking, but now they can also program their own scenarios using APIs.


Aleksandr Dolmatov

Product owner at Dzinga/APIFonica

We started with a standard hosted PBX product in several European countries. While the project was successful, we quickly realized that we were missing out on the most lucrative customer segment: those who want custom scenarios and are willing to pay for it.

So we created a new brand for those who need a fully-featured phone system with the ability to program it. Due to this our annual growth increased significantly!

Ready to increase profits, sales, and custom offerings? Contact our team now to see how we can help you.

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