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Launch your project with the help of expert advisors, a scalable cloud UCaaS platform, and a ready-to-use billing solution

Your situation

You have a GREAT idea for new voice, video, or SMS communications services.

Your problem

You lack the resources, experience, and support.

Your solution

Join the PortaOne Startup Accelerator

Why join the PortaOne Accelerator?

Launch your startup in 6 months (or sooner)

Take advantage of our experience to avoid common obstacles and focus fully on your innovation. Cut the typical 12-month development timeline for an MVP to just 6 months.

Find users fast with no effort on your side

Once ready to launch you can immediately offer your product into the right hands with access to a ready-made client base of 100s of existing PortaOne customers.

Receive comprehensive mentorship from corporates & experts

Guided support from established telecom experts to keep your project on the right track and help you make full use of valuable tools and services in our cloud marketplace.


Get to the good stuff faster

with access to programmable voice & billing platforms you won’t waste time on unnecessary tasks

Save money on equipment and infrastructure

with cloud storage, computing & bandwidth, personal telco BSS, UCaaS & CPaaS

Gain wisdom from industry experts

and avoid common startup mishaps. Learn from the best and bounce ideas off those who have been through it before.

What will you receive from PortaOne?

smile PortaOne Accelerator

Who we're looking for?

Bright minds & fresh ideas

Passion for your idea & the potential it will bring to the world of telecom, along with clear goals, is an absolute must.

A potential client

*Even better if it’s an existing PortaOne customer
Together we'll run a “proof-of-concept” deployment and verify that your application is needed by real users.

An enthusiastic team of developers

You have the technical skills you need to fully realize your product. We can offer the right support to bring it to reality.

Who is the ideal candidate?

To apply, your startup/project must be:

  • Related to communications or IoT
  • Based on cloud technology
  • Ready to launch in 2022 or 2023
  • Able to make a global impact

If you have all of these qualifications, you’re ready to submit your project proposal! We will review all applications and select the best candidates for the PortaOne Accelerator program.

Success Stories

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