White-label CPaaS Platform with PortaSwitch

Bundle CPaaS with your hosted PBX service, giving your customers the independence to customize call processing flows, implement integrations with external systems, and build mobile apps.

What is CPaaS?

CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) is a powerful tool that allows your customers to add real-time communication features to their own business applications. 

They can fully customize their communication stack by mixing and matching the functionalities that work best for them: 

  • video-enabled help desks
  • appointment reminders
  • authentication services
  • call recording
  • social media messages
  • SMS / text message
  • workflow
  • video messaging
  • webRTC-based calling

Tatyana Massalskaya

PortaOne Head of Marketing

With PortaSwitch you, as a CSP, can become a provider of CPaaS directly to your customers. Whether to enterprise customers, who are creating a solution for internal use, or to independent software developers (ISVs), who are creating a SaaS product or mobile app.

What problems do CSPs & ISPs face?

If you’re a CSP offering traditional telephony services, are you faced with these issues? 

Lack of diversity in monetization

Struggling to find new streams of income and services that customers are willing to pay for.

Loss of customers

from churn to competitor CSPs and ‘new kids on the block’ like MS Teams, Twilio or Amazon Connect.

Rigidity in current PBX

Inflexible ‘hard-coded’ call handling scenarios in existing PBX platforms and UCaaS platforms.

Less than ideal outcomes

Your custom enterprise solutions will be either impossible OR expensive and time-consuming.

Discover a better way

Expand services and increase revenue by leveraging the power of a robust hosted PBX platform, PortaSwitch, including access to APIs to increase customers’ communication and productivity. 

No hustle

Offer customers an out-of-the-box cloud PBX service from Day 1 with the added benefit of tailored communication scenarios via API when necessary

Low cost

of calls/messaging with advanced carrier management and routing capabilities (least-cost routing, profit-guarantee, fraud prevention)

Easy to fine-tune

Provide a CPaaS platform with customizable options for voice, video, messaging, and more

Fully brandable

Allow channel partners to design branded, customized solutions for niche markets with integration packages

What's in it for you?

Experience increased efficiency by doing more with less – less complexity, less vendors, and less hassle.

Enjoy higher profit margins

with unlimited license, simply upgrade to a more powerful hardware to process more API requests, calls and subscribers

Boost sales productivity

you and channel partners can scale sales by turning an app developer into your channel partner. One deal can multiple itself tenfold.

Increase customer base

by offering the flexibility and scalability customers are demanding and products they can get excited about.

Reduce costs

by “outsourcing” implementation of custom scenarios to customer or 3rd party developers

Why choose PortaOne?

PortaOne has been an industry leading telco platform provider for 20+ years, offering our customers the ability to develop, scale, and monetize all within budget, plus


Short go-to-market time

Agile development ensures the release of new software updates every 7 weeks.

Fair pricing

Choose from an unlimited perpetual license or simple, value-based SaaS metric. All features, maintenance & support included.

Open architecture

No constraints. Get the API and full source code so you can develop, integrate, and control your growth.

24/7 technical support

Our technical support is praised as best-in-industry, with 180 engineers ready to help whenever you need them.

How does it work?

Capitalize on the power of PortaSwitch to easily create customized CPaaS functionalities and monetize them with as little work on your side as possible. Check out how the technology already built-into our CPaaS solution is enabling this:

Building on top of a full-featured PBX system

gives your developers a solid structure to create customized CPaaS functionalities without starting from scratch. Developers can easily connect via CPaaS API to control the flows of PBX services and program applications

Powerful routing engine

can program connections to your choice of carriers and enable advanced carrier management, such as least-cost routing, out of the box.

Billing functionality

also out of the box, ensures that an ISV (independent software vendor), creating an app using your CPaaS, can immediately start charging and monetizing the service and usage of their app without additional work.



Documentation Portal

Comprehensive guides to help you start working with the PortaSwitch API for CPaaS solutions

Source Code

with full access you reduce your development and integration costs and speed up the process by doing it in-house


Allow you to implement integrations seamlessly with external systems and build mobile apps with more effective communication abilities


Built-in authorization and charging capabilities allow ISV using your CPaaS to instantly bill end-users and monetize their work

VAS Integration

With Add-on Mart (cloud marketplace for telco apps), you can create new product bundles and launch immediately using value-added service packages developed by 3rd parties

Local Hosting Capabilities

Improves voice quality and satisfies regulations with local region or country

Build on top

Of a full-featured hosted PBX / UCaaS platform, enhancing it by bundling with CPaaS

What makes our PortaOne solutions special?

Act fast!

Customers are demanding more flexibility, custom solutions and FAST. Current UCaaS solutions don’t cut it.

The CPaaS market is expected to increase by 300% in the next 5 years with values as high as $17 billion.

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