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At PortaOne, we are dedicated to providing quality and fairness in everything we do. Our team of enthusiastic experts makes sure that every step we take is aimed at making our customers happy.

Meet our leaders

Our leadership style is based on commonly shared family values – fairness and mutual respect. 

Our objective as leaders is to build a community that lives and breathes these values day in and day out through honest and open communication.

By modeling these behaviors ourselves, we foster a culture of family and team spirit. We support and encourage teamwork, and we express positive feedback and gratitude when we solve problems together. 


Andriy Zhylenko

Chief Executive Officer

In the 20+ years since he founded PortaOne, Andriy has worked tirelessly in nearly every facet of the company to ensure that the operations run smoothly and his customers are always presented with the best products and a clear understanding of the services we offer. Every customer, whether from a company large or small, knows that they matter to him.


Oleksandr Kapitanenko


Since long before the inception of PortaOne, “Kapitan” has had a head for business, searching for and breaking into new technologies before anyone else knew of them. His sense of humor and appreciation for the simple things in life have meant that he looks for solutions that PortaOne customers can depend on for being functional, rather than merely innovative.


Andrey Kosachenko

Chief Technology Officer

Andrey has climbed the ranks in his 10 years with PortaOne, first starting out as an entry-level developer for the firm, and now holding the office of CTO. At each level he has proven his knowledge in the field, as well as his dedication to developing software that creates connections between people. Andrey is a key piece of the company’s agile development methodology and delivery process.


Roman Khalenkov

Chief Commercial Officer

Roman brings over 20 years of expertise with leading telecommunication corporations in sales, organization management, product development, management consulting, and marketing strategy. Roman is known for being able to talk anyone into anything, thanks to his ability to truly listen and understand what people really need and want.


Klaus Haertel

Director of Strategic Alliances and Channel Sales

Over the past 14+ years at the firm, Klaus has garnered deep domain expertise in the technical and commercial fields. His ability to build communities among customers, providers, and PortaOne employees has facilitated his success. Klaus is responsible for helping the company expand its reach into new markets and for ensuring client access to the latest tools and business advantages.


Mike Kidik

Product Development Officer

Mike is a well-seasoned veteran with over 20 years of experience in the high-tech management and software engineering industry. He has been instrumental in building the portfolio of solutions made available to the firm’s clients and customers. Each solution is developed and built to further forge connections with people.


Tatyana Massalskaya

Head of Marketing

Tatyana joined PortaOne in 2016, bringing on board her experience working for Booking.com, where she managed multiple projects across a wide range of regions and markets. Always eager to try new things, she now leads the PortaOne marketing team. Her unmatched level of effort and achievement is the foundation of the company’s recent success in brand awareness and lead generation.


Alex Starovoitov

Art Director

One of the original company founders, Alex handled all commercial activities for PortaOne during its initial growth period. He then transitioned into an area of more interest and personal passion in effective branding and coherent visual communication. Today, he is the brand foreman for PortaOne, ensuring impact and consistency in all the ways we communicate.


Natali Kazimirova

HR manager

With over a decade in HR, Natali plays the vital role of supporting the entire company, from initial recruitment and onboarding to developing employees’ skills and identifying and fulfilling training needs so that the staff is as prepared as possible for any future requirements. Her hardwork ensures we operate as efficiently and happily as possibly.

Oleg Shevtsov PortaOne

Oleg Shevtsov

Head of PM Department

Oleg’s entire working career has been within the telecom industry. He values working software and happy customers. As part of PortaOne since 2008, first as a Support Manager and now as a Senior Project Manager, he and his colleagues help telcos successfully roll out their digital products.

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