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PortaOne is a global telecommunication software
platform developer

Since 2001 we’ve helped over 500 telcos from 90 countries become market leaders while keeping their costs under control.

We allow operators, telecommunication service providers, and carriers to launch and monetize a diverse range of retail, enterprise, SME, and wholesale services on a single platform.

What makes PortaOne unique​

Here’s why telcos around the world choose our products and services to help them succeed

No hidden

Unlimited lifelong license with no artificial limitations on subscribers, calls, or features

Robust and reliable

Carrier-grade high-availability with all business-critical components in a cluster of physical servers

Open and flexible

Easily fits into existing networks or business processes with open architecture, API, and source code

Fast deployment

Continual platform improvement and extremely short wait time for new releases – every 7 weeks!

Best-in-industry 24/7 support

Known and recognized by customers as offering unbeatable technical support.



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Meet our PortaOne leaders and management team: a dedicated group of individuals who live the principles of fair play and high-quality service that they demand of their employees.

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