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Flexible BSS, cloud PBX, OCS, billing, and an Add-on Mart for telcos operating with on-premise systems or in the cloud. 

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We believe in community and connection. Whether you are Wholesale, Retail & SMB, Wireless, Converged, or IoT/M2M, PortaOne can help you transition to the services, solutions, and platforms that best suit the needs of your telco. 

man holding telephone screaming

Does this sound familiar?

Today’s telco situation

You are spending more time, money, and personnel just keeping your business afloat rather than investing those resources on improving your services and making your customers happy. Your backlog of ideas, maintenance updates, and deployments only increases and never decreases.

High costs

Building and developing in-house is costly and requires a dedicated workforce

Lots of upkeep

Your IT is doing maintenance instead of critical business development

Too many gears

Servers and hardware require a lot of space, plus the teams to staff them

Tied hands

A lack of flexibility around upgrades and customization means you’re not up-to-date

Time is flying

You’re struggling with slow and resource-intense deployments, particular to each region, subsidiary, and division

when transitioning to the cloud…

Why choose PortaOne?

We guarantee high quality, the best value, and more functionality and flexibility when it comes to integrations and changes. PortaOne solutions are easy to configure and our technical support is simply fantastic!



Unlimited and perpetual licenses mean you save money. Pay once and never pay more, even if you add more seats. You always know the costs up front.

Less complicated

A single unified platform for all of your needs – billing, BSS, OCS, and more – means fewer problems with maintenance, integration, and compatibility.

Open and flexible

Open architecture and access to the source code gives you the freedom to develop, customize, or integrate anything, anytime you need.

Best-in-class service

Our highly specialized and renowned customer support staff will help you set up your systems and are on call 24/7 to help with any issues that may arise.

Act fast!

Waiting means losing traction and getting left behind.

Competition is only increasing. As more and more CSPs transition to the cloud, those who don’t act now will fall behind.

Each day spent stuck in your current situation means more money out the door, and more hours wasted.

Many current solutions on the market are becoming obsolete and your provider may not be committed to updates. Don’t get left out in the cold.

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