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Learn about our PortaCare and PortaCare Pro subscription programs for maintenance and technical support.

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At PortaOne, we’re proud of the reputation we have earned for our support services. The PortaOne Technical Support Team has continually earned the honor of providing ‘best-in-industry’ support.

We offer world-class technical assistance to our customers, working with them as partners to ensure that their optimal networking solutions are deployed, maintained, and upgraded in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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We know that speed, accuracy, and communication is critical to our customers’ continued business success. Thanks to our PortaCare and PortaCare Pro programs, we are able to ensure all of this and maintain a high standard of support and assistance. 

Compare PortaCare and PortaCare Pro

We offer two support options. PortaCare is great for everyone. PortaCare Pro is made for the most demanding businesses whose operations require that extra level of attention.

  • PortaCare
  • PortaCare Pro
PortaCarePortaCare Pro
Subscription program
Premium subscription program
Technical support - 24/7/365
Remote automated system monitoring - 24/7/365
All maintenance releases with new features and updates
Dedicated customer success manager
Contact center direct phone number
Real-time chat with technical support
Service credits with total value of $20,000
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PortaCare is a subscription program that includes all updates, automated remote monitoring, and 24/7 technical support for PortaOne products.

Technical support

Customers can contact the PortaOne technical support team any time of day, any day of the year. This includes:

  • Priority-based email support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Initial system configuration and testing, IP firewall setup, and security updates
  • Assistance in the unlikely event of system downtime/failure
  • Log file rotation and compressing
  • Disk space monitoring, backup policy, and setup
  • Issues investigation and verification
  • DNS and NTP clients setup and monitoring
  • DB recovery and replication monitoring

Automated monitoring

Our automated tool is constantly monitoring your PortaSwitch and PortaBilling installations to help prevent issues before they happen. This includes:

  • Replication monitoring and recovery of databases
  • Automated alerts in cases of outages or malfunctions
  • Proactive system management services 

All updates & maintenance releases

PortaOne uses an agile method of updates that meets our customers’ demand for faster functionality deployment. This includes:

  • Installation of regular software maintenance releases (MRs)
  • New functionalities (module, feature, change in interface) every 7 weeks

PortaCare Pro

PortaCare Pro is a subscription program that includes all of the benefits of PortaCare, with even more added value: real-time communication with engineers, personal attention, a combined $20,000 in credits for cloud and professional services, and 24/7 engineering assistance.

What’s included?

PortaCare Pro gives you all the engineering assistance and regular system updates (with all the new features included in those new releases!) that you’ve come to expect – and more:

Dedicated customer success manager

Gain exclusive access to someone who knows your goals, your technical issues, and how to communicate your needs to every PortaOne department to guarantee that your issues are resolved ASAP on your behalf.

Your Customer Success Manager can even help you realize your vision for a new product or service by sharing successes and best practices from other PortaOne clients, arranging business analysts and other experts to build a project plan, and coordinating development and integration – ensuring a successful launch.

Contact center direct phone number

With PortaCare Pro, you have a direct line that connects you immediately with our technical support center 24/7.

One phone call ensures a Customer Success Manager and the appropriate technical support engineers are involved, speeding up the resolution process and keeping you informed at all times. 

Real-time chat with support

We offer a real-time chat option to decrease time spent in clarifying issues – and increase the efficiency of your working day.

Schedule a chat in advance to guarantee the availability of our expert engineer. Your chat history is saved and available for review, even after the chat is over. 

$20,000/year in service credit

Gain a valuable bonus credit for a wide set of services that will provide you with comprehensive support and safety for your business. This includes:

  • $12,000 for the Add-on Mart – our iPaaS subscription for value-added services (read more about the Add-on Mart)
  • $3,000 for product training for new staff or to allow your team to quickly master the new functionality of PortaSwitch, online or onsite (read more about training)
  • $3,000 for dedicated engineering time for configuration reviews to prevent UX or performance issues due to non-optimized settings
  • $2,000 for security audits to protect your PortaSwitch against fraud attacks and unauthorized access

Escalation of Customer Requests

We have established a system which guarantees your requests are addressed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

For a complete breakdown of the update commitments based on the priority of the request, please see the chart below.

How it works:

  1. The customer’s request is logged and prioritized.
  2. The TSE (technical support engineer) works with the customer to resolve the issue.
  3. Informational requests, once concluded, are closed with the customer’s approval.
  4. For issues requiring more time, such as troubleshooting or investigation, the TSE will keep the customer informed of the progress based on the update commitments.
Priority 1Priority 2Priority 3Priority 4
1st Email1 hour2 hours1 business day2 business days
UpdatesHourly, or as agreed between customer and PortaOneEvery two hours, or as agreed between customer and PortaOneOnce per business day, or as agreed between customer and PortaOneOnce every other business day, or as agreed between customer and PortaOne

If the support requested is not resolved within the defined time limits, the following managers will be notified for further assistance.

Priority 1Priority 2Priority 3Priority 4
ImmediateTechnical Support Manager
1 hourCustomer Relations ManagerTechnical Support Manager
4 hoursCTOCustomer Relations Manager
8 hoursCTO
48 hoursTechnical Support Manager
96 hoursCustomer Relations ManagerTechnical Support Manager

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