PortaOne's 2022 Telco Conference

Join us from every corner of the world as once again we invite you to our PortaOne Customer Conference 2022, virtual edition #2!

Interactive, virtual 3D event

Learn how PortaOne’s resilient team continues to provide outstanding services and solutions for our customers.

Join us from every corner of the world as once again we invite you to our PortaOne Customer Conference 2022, virtual edition #2!

Just when we thought the world was coming back to normal after Covid we suffered another difficult year. Yet the resilience of our employees and our technology has continued to enable our customers to thrive in new and imaginative ways like never before.

Join us in November for our 21st Customer Conference and 2nd virtual meet-up. Hear about customer successes from 2022 and get fresh ideas that will help you start off 2023 on the right foot.

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CC22 PortaOne Conference

What to expect:

Real-time interaction

with PortaOne staff and other guests

Updates and insights

regarding our newest features and new products

Industry trends and insights

panel discussions with PortaOne team members, customers, and partners

Ready-to-replicate success stories

from PortaOne team members, customers, and partners

Why attend:

Need a reason to attend? Tell your boss or your staff that attendees get to:

Join us to hear from your colleagues in the industry and also get the chance to share your own lessons, ideas, and concerns.

Here’s why you should join us for 4 hours of excitement – while still having enough time in your day for your ‘normal’ workload.

Say hi to old friends & meet your heroes

Our virtual party space is a great environment to greet colleagues and have a chat with PortaOne team members who have been supporting you.

Get a better understanding of today’s top topics

Too busy to stay on top of the latest trends? We cover what’s new both internally and within our industry.

Gain inspiration for future projects

With real-life examples from our customers and our staff, hear directly about what’s working for others and how you can apply it to your company.

Who is speaking and what will be covered:

PortaOne cares about your success and we know that your time is extremely valuable.

That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure that every minute of our event is worth your time and propels you forward.

Our speakers’ list is already filling up. See below for just a few of the speakers and topics which will be covered during the conference:

Key speakers and topics


Leslie Herps / RGTN

SMS - an untapped profit source for CSPs. How PortaBilling helped us build a customized P2A SMS solution to boost our profits

Eric Tiffany / TeamMate Technology

Eric Tiffany / TeamMate Technology

How to add MS Teams users to your customer base via Add-on Mart. Integration at your fingertips

Owen Griffith / Pharos

Owen Griffith / Pharos

Launching an MVNO made easy. Origins, benefits, and South Africa’s modern telco charging environment


Mike Kidik / PortaOne

MR100–MR103 New Feature Highlights. How you can benefit from the latest PortaSwitch releases


Klaus Haertel / PortaOne

Add-on Mart Update, Overview, & Portals. How to increase revenue and improve services with a VAS platform

The full agenda is now ready for your viewing.

See all the topics, speakers, and networking opportunities here.

Agenda 2022 Conference

Who else will be there:

Our list of confirmed attendees is already jam-packed with your colleagues, providers, and partners.

11 Years of Community Building

This is our 11th time gathering together our customers, partners, and PortaOne employees to learn what’s new with all of you, share what’s new with us, and better prepare all of us for what is next in the telecommunications sector.

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