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PortaOne Pricing

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With PortaOne you always have a choice. Pick the model that benefits you most: Pay a one-time license or choose a monthly subscription fee. Host in your own datacenter or in the cloud. You make the decisions about what is best for your company and your customers.

How we set our pricing

Here’s what we need to know to present you a quote:

  • The number of billable events (e.g., CDRs or xDRs) to be processed
  • The number of active customers or seats (for cloud PBX services)
  • The number of SIM cards in use (for MVNOs or wireless ISPs)
  • The number of connected devices (for IoT projects)



Roman Khalenkov

Chief Commercial Officer

Questions about pricing? I’m here to help make what can sometimes be a complex situation easy to understand. Let’s talk about your company and which pricing plan is best for you.
  • For large-scale projects
  • For start-ups in emerging markets
  • For start-ups focused on sales
For large-scale projectsFor start-ups in emerging marketsFor start-ups focused on sales
Unlimited license
SaaS subscription
Cloud subscription
Payment1 timeMonthlyMonthly
Max capacityDepends on HW of your choiceDepends on HW of your choiceUnlimited
HostingSelf-hostedSelf-hostedOracle Cloud Infrastructure
PortaCare Tech SupportOptional
All features
High availabilityOptionalIncluded (extra hardware required)
Contact salesContact salesContact sales

Deploy and pay exactly the way you want

It’s totally up to you how you run your operations. PortaOne guarantees the best value for any option you choose.

Deployment scenarios


Install on your own hardware and host your favorite datacenter.

In the cloud

Oracle datacenter hosting available for SaaS subscriptions.

Payment options

Unlimited license

Pay one-time for an unlimited and perpetual license for an installation of a specified number of servers.

Monthly SaaS subscription

Based on a value metric with an initial setup charge. Includes hosting and support.

All options include:

Initial configuration

After installation, PortaOne engineers will set it up and configure according to your requirements.

3-day training session

Preferably at your location, where your staff will learn and perform practical exercises to ensure that you are confident in using the system on your own.

We like to give our customers freedom and flexibility, and we’re also open to hearing your ideas for how we might make our products suit your business even better. If you have thoughts or requests, we’d love to hear them.

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