PortaOne Customer Success Managers

A team of coordinators and liaison agents between PortaOne customers and PortaOne developers and technical support engineers

Our goal

to ensure timely and efficient services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

We deliver robust and constantly evolving products that quickly adapt to changing market requirements using a unique development process that combines many of the strengths of traditional software development practices with agile programming.


Vlad Chetyrko

Senior Customer Success Manager

Our job description says it all. We are here to ensure that our valued PortaOne customers have success in their businesses with our PortaOne services and products. 

Whenever you have a question or concern and are unsure who to approach, or you have an idea as to how we can help you better develop your business, we’re your go-to contact. Get in touch with us today.

How we do it

Speed up issue resolution

Organize communication with Tech Teams

Resolve cases of misunderstanding

Tune up processes to provide top-level customer support

Override standard procedures to resolve exceptional cases

Update authorization information and any other records

Train our Tech Teams to better communicate with customers

Sort out any and all issues or quickly find the appropriate PortaOne expert who can

Either we have your answers or we know the best team member who does. Bring us your questions, concerns, or ideas.

Who we are:


Vlad Chetyrko

Senior Customer Success Manager

Vlad has been with PortaOne since 2007 and has gained a profound understanding of the inner workings of the company. Over 20 years of experience in communication with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds enables Vlad to understand different perspectives and bring the parties to a shared understanding to develop a solution plan.


Natalia Ihnatova

Customer Success Manager

Natalia brings a fresh perspective and flexibility combined with the experience of cultural exchange, personnel management and communications.

Oksana Romanenko-PortaOne-customer success manager

Oksana Romanenko

Customer Success Manager

Oksana focuses on ensuring effective cooperation between her clients and our PortaOne teams, and does everything she can to make sure that everyone involved in each project is aligned to create the optimal outcome together. She is an advocate for PortaOne customers and works alongside them to help them achieve their best success.

Kozachuk Daria. PortaOne

Daria Kozachuk

Customer Success Manager

Daria’s goal is to work with her customers to fully understand what they need, and to communicate those needs to the PortaOne team so that everyone can work toward the right solution together.

How to get us involved

Call us during our working hours (09:00 to 18:00 GMT+2 in Eastern Europe)

Email us 24×7/365:

This email address is not associated with a particular queue in our Request Tracker System, so it can be added as a CC when replying to any ticket. Moreover, even if we are not in the office, when our Support colleagues see a CC to escalate@portaone.com, they understand that the issue requires additional attention, and act accordingly.

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