Customer Conference 2021 PortaOne
In early December PortaOne hosted many of our wonderful customers and coworkers in a 2-day conference to ring in 2 decades of helping leading telcos offer better services to their end-users

Due to the current climate, we decided to host our conference on a brand new virtual platform that gathered all of our attendees together in an interactive and fun space. It was a great experience for all who attended.

Here’s what some of our honored guests had to say about it:

“Good conference!! Thank you PortaOne!”

Ervin Wittner from Phonect AS

“Thanks to Portaone a lot for the great event!”

Otto Kolbe from Virtual-Call

“Thanks for a great couple of days, Well done to the whole PortaOne team!!”

Martin Boiles from Boom

Here’s a look at the 2021 conference in numbers:

  • Virtual Attendees: 127
  • Industry leading experts and speakers: 17
  • Countries represented: 34

Our speakers and presentations

We invited some of our best internal and external colleagues to present on topics which are crucial to keeping UCaaS providers and CSPs competitive in an ever evolving market.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Updates to PortaOne products such as Add-on Mart and PortaPhone
  • Two new self-care portals for IoT and Cloud PBX
  • Two new and/or improved methods to get your system running on the latest release, with access to new functionalities
  • A look at whether wholetail is the new wholesale?
  • Using low-code PortaOne workflows to automate your internal processes and data flows

Besides the presentations, there were several networking and discussion opportunities, the presentation of our very own PortaOne Success Award (see below), and a gallery shining light on several of our employees entitled, ‘Faces of PortaOne.’ Check out all the details below.

Faces of PortaOne Gallery

A key piece of the 2021 PortaOne Telco Conference was allowing our attendees to get to know some of our PortaOne staff a bit better. We were pleased to showcase 8 of our incredible employees in a video gallery, available for viewing throughout the conference. Whether you did not have the opportunity during the conference or you weren’t able to attend, we believe that their stories deserve to be seen by everyone.

Each one gives you some insight into our community, showing how our diversity makes us a stronger company, working to improve the lives of our customers.

Oleg Shevtsov

Name: Oleg Shevtsov
Position: Head of PM Department
Watch his personal story

Svitlana Melnychuk

Name: Svitlana Melnychuk
Position: Project manager
Watch her personal story

Yulia Borsch

Name: Yulia Borsch
Position: Application Support Engineer
Watch her personal story

Mykola Shkardybarda

Name: Mykola Shkardybarda
Position: Senior Support Engineer
Watch his personal story

Maryna Sysak

Name: Maryna Sysak
Position: Customer Success Manager
Watch her personal story

Kateryna-Maria Lukina

Name: Kateryna-Maria Lukina
Position: Technical Writer
Watch her personal story

Oleksandra Didukh

Name: Oleksandra Didukh
Position: Business Analyst
Watch her personal story

Roman Chornonoh

Name: Roman Chornonoh
Position: Support Team Lead
Watch his personal story

Virtual Platform

Throughout the event, which was hosted on a brand new, interactive virtual platform, guests were able to ‘sit together’ at tables with many of their colleagues and PortaOne customer support staff. This gave people the ability to talk intimately with a small group of their peers, catch up on what’s new, and share some stories. 

One attendee reported back that what they liked best about the conference was, “The tables. I liked the idea that I could go from one table to another and hear the main presenter.”

The community chat box was a constant stream of attendees looking for their ‘long-lost’ friends and offering encouragement for the speakers. And the steady stream of ascending thumbs up, hearts, and other emojis created a colorful upside-down rain effect. 

See some examples of the dynamic environment within the virtual platform below in our photo gallery and in the short video.

YouTube player


The conference was both opened and closed by PortaOne CEO, Andriy Zhylenko. In his opening address he spoke about how PortaOne arrived at its current standing as one of the most trusted CSP solutions providers in the telecommunications industry. In his closing statements he touched on some ways the entire telecom community can remain united and how we at PortaOne are doing our part as well. 

For more details and materials, including videos of each presentation and slide shows from each speaker, visit this page.

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