Rapidly deploy charging & provisioning for new telecom services with cloud BSS

Are you an operator looking to quickly deploy provisioning and charging for new services (new brand, MVNO, reseller, or network slice) but getting held back because with your current BSS these processes are slow and/or expensive?

Does this sound familiar?

BSS is complicated

Licensing is unfair

Development takes forever

Say good-bye to frustrating, complicated platforms with ambiguous licensing policies, and painfully slow development cycles. PortaOne has your solution:

Cloud BSS

PortaBilling is a cloud billing and charging platform for telcos and communication service providers.

A comprehensive and convergent platform for telcos and CSPs. Launch, price, provision, and manage the complete range of telecommunication services. 

Control service configuration

Provision network equipment

Manage product catalogue

Apply real-time usage-based and recurring charging

Implement custom data integration workflows

Connect 3rd party VAS providers and self-care portals.

Ideal solution to deal with

Problem #1

Relying on your vendor to develop integrations to connect reseller portals or data syncs to CRMs takes too much time and is too costly.


Develop more integrations in-house. Work within your timeframe, priorities, and budget. 

PortaOne always provides the open architecture and APIs, so you can work at your speed and create solutions for your needs. 

Access to the source code guarantees you the confidence that our pricing for professional services is always fair, as you choose who does your developing: us, you, or a third-party.


Andrey Azhigirov

Chief Operational Officer, MTT – MTS Group of Companies

Working with large BSS vendors I got used to it taking multiple months to approve a new functionality – and then the wait time until the new software release, where it is included, could be a year! PortaOne’s ability to deliver new functionality in weeks was simply amazing!

Problem #2

Your vendor’s platform updates don’t move fast enough and you are stuck with another missed opportunity.


PortaOne agile development process gets your new product or services up and running in a matter of weeks, outpacing your competition.

With better risk management and control of the customer experience get from ideation to monetization in weeks!


Nick Birtwistle

CEO, Chief Executive Officer at Boom

We chose to partner with PortaOne for our cloud PBX needs given their flexible and feature rich platform, backed up with first-class support when we need it.

With PortaSwitch we were able to create real value-added services for our end users and their 7 week development cycles kept us constantly updated and made it easier to monetize our services.

1 day

roll-out your own instance of cloud BSS and OCS in just one business day. Get the training and start designing your products and tariffs!

1-5 days

Deploy a new VAS (value-added service) in a few clicks or get something totally new developed and deployed in a matter of days via our cloud marketplace.

7 weeks

That's the guaranteed development cycle in which we produce new software releases for the whole platform without delay.


make gradual updates to new software versions with PortaOne's Dual Version technology.

Looking for this amazing speed of product planning and development?

Problem #3

Your combo of users with unique configurations and settings within legacy BSS/OCS is messy and incurs high fees.


Work within PortaBilling – a single comprehensive billing and charging platform

PortaBilling gives you an unlimited number of independent ‘virtual environments’ to configure individually as needed. And if you need full independence (e.g. have your own software update schedule), a new instance of cloud BSS can be launched in 1 hour.


Jim Brewer

EVP, Products & Technology at Peerless Network

Peerless Network often works with MVNOs and resellers, throughout North America and beyond, who have legacy and in-house solutions which can be difficult to integrate into new platforms. But by choosing PortaBilling and using the PortaBilling API, we gained the flexibility to connect the CRMs of MVNO customers and seamlessly tie into the network provisioning process.

As a result, we can update PortaBilling and PortaSwitch and gain access to new functionalities with minimal impact on legacy MVNO operations. It’s been a win-win for us and our clients.

If you’re ready to get a cloud BSS that is faster, cheaper and easier to manage, contact the PortaOne sales team today.

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