PortaOne Passes the Interoperability Test for Adax LTE-EPC

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Adax, an industry leader in high-performance signaling and packet-processing infrastructure, today announces it has successfully completed an international interoperability test with global billing and softswitch solutions developer, PortaOne. This means that PortaOne can deliver LTE provisioning and OCS (B/OSS) solutions in accordance with the Adax LTE-EPC.

The aim of the testing is to verify the standard communication and billing functionality between the Adax Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW) and PortaBilling, PortaOne's OCS and B/OSS. The extensive interoperability testing covered the following
  • diameter interconnectivity;
  • rejection of UE (user equipment) attach for non-existent subscribers;
  • hotlined connection for expired, blocked or suspended subscribers;
  • billing for multiple rating groups within a session;
  • hotlined connection when a subscriber has insufficient funds; and
  • connection re-establishment upon subscriber payment.
PortaOne enables telecom operators to quickly launch and effectively deliver multiple voice, data and converged services on a single platform. Its flagship product, PortaSwitch, is built around a converged carrier-grade B/OSS & OCS platform (PortaBilling) combined with a class 4-5 SIP softswitch and media applications for conferencing, IVR and unified messaging. PortaBilling is RADIUS/Diameter based and compatible with major SBC and media gateway vendors. PortaBilling can process real time pre-paid and post-paid charges for voice and video calls, internet connectivity, MVNO and IPTV services, Wi-Fi/Wi-MAX access, data and faxes, or one-time events such as SMS or a pay-per-view movie.
Through its proven LTE implementations, Adax's EPC solutions provide the high reliability and performance mandated by customers and is right-sized and right-priced for rural networks, public safety, in-building and other low footprint applications. Joining Adax's partner ecosystem was a natural fit for us and allows us to help the growing number of rural networks worldwide that otherwise would find it difficult to add quadruple play billing via their existing legacy systems."

Andriy Zhylenko, Chief Technical Officer for PortaOne

Adax's LTE-EPC solution for fixed wireless internet and mobile voice services, is available in a high performance, compact, modular system. It is scalable and competitively priced as a pay-as-you-grow solution for rural networks, public safety networks, defense communications, campus networks, in-building networks, enterprise networks, business broadband and WiMax replacement.

We are always looking to enhanced our LTE EPC capabilities through joining forces with ecosystem partners such as PortaOne which can allow us to offer operators a complete network solution. Its technology allows operators to rapidly deliver quadruple play solutions via legacy infrastructure. Instantly unlocking additional revenue streams and be able to compete in a rapidly evolving competitive market place."

Robin Kent, director of European operations at Adax

About Adax

Adax is an industry leader in high-performance packet processing, security, and network infrastructure for the All-IP network. For over 30 years Adax has uniquely blended software and hardware expertise to create the most productive and efficient products in the telecom industry. Adax meets today's challenges of scalability, cost effectiveness and high availability with solutions for LTE, 3G, and Legacy networks and the interworking between them.
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