Partnership Announcement: TeamMate Technology & PortaOne
Microsoft Teams is everywhere now. Its ecosystem is growing, most people are familiar with it, and more and more organizations are actively using it. So, instead of competing with Microsoft, we wanted to make it possible for CSPs to ride the Microsoft wave to sell their existing hosted PBX services to Teams users with a great integration. To make this a reality, we have partnered with TeamMate Technology

Remote work is here to stay! That’s why it’s time for communication service providers to focus on work-from-home enablement. At PortaOne, we help our customers transition to the services, solutions, and platforms that best suit their needs. To tackle the work-from-home experience, we have partnered with TeamMate Technology. This exciting partnership means that CSPs now have a way to sell services to users who have installed Microsoft Teams. This will create a whole new revenue stream for CSPs. It will also provide users with another choice when it comes to where they get their services. That makes it a win-win for everyone.

Responding to the changing market

The business world today is operating in an ever-changing environment. Teams are working remotely, holding their meetings online, and moving their offices from place to place. The global pandemic made it very clear that we need to rethink our current communication systems as companies around the world face the challenge of the constant need to update and modify their apps, devices, and services. Not only is this whole process kind of annoying, it is also a major loss of valuable time and resources.   

PortaOne customers are agile, proactive, and want to be able to move quickly to meet market demand. We know this, so we are always thinking of ways to help our customers work and communicate more efficiently. Our objective is to create and offer practical tools that can support you in your work-from-home enablement process, so you can tap into all the opportunities that lie in the rise of remote work.

That is why we built the Add-on Mart, our cloud-based value-added service marketplace. It is designed to simplify your business processes and accelerate your development and deployment. And as soon as we built it, the next step was to launch Microsoft Teams integration as an application our customers can access through the Add-on Mart. After all, Teams is everywhere now. Its ecosystem is growing, most people are familiar with it, and more and more are actively using it. So, instead of competing directly with Microsoft, we wanted to make it possible for our customers to ride this wave instead. Partnering with TeamMate Technology has made this a reality.

What this partnership means for CSPs

TeamMate Technology builds and operates cloud software that integrates external communication services such as CloudPBX with Microsoft Teams. This means that the phone in Microsoft Teams becomes a PBX softphone.  It works just like any softphone – users can call colleagues who are using a “traditional” VoIP phone or app, and, importantly, it allows them to tap into a rich functionality for handling inbound calls (for instance, accessing toll-free numbers from various regions or countries). They can also use their hosted PBX provider for outgoing calls (meaning they can use cheaper international rates and bundles of domestic minutes, which usually provide better quality and lower prices than the standard calling plan from Microsoft). All of this can be done from the phone in the Teams mobile or desktop application or where-ever else they use Teams.

Our partnership offers an easy and intuitive way to quickly set up direct routing between Teams and PortaSwitch. This results in a more integrated and maximally simplified user life-cycle experience. In addition to easy and intuitive automation, there are also branding and troubleshooting tools that come in very handy in everyday business. Yet, the most important benefit that comes with this partnership is that it opens up the Microsoft ecosystem and customer base for CSPs like yours to tap into. So, if you want to sell a service, and you don’t want to try to compete directly with Microsoft – then, like we said, you can just ride the wave instead.

Simply put, what this integration between the PortaOne CloudPBX and TeamMate does is empower the end user by allowing them to use native Microsoft Teams calling through PortaSwitch. This means that all inbound and outbound calls go through a unified service management and delivery platform.  

A key benefit of direct routing between PBX and Teams is that end-users get access to call recording while calling from Teams, which provides business productivity and regulator compliance. Moreover, communication can be recorded, and Teams users can participate in PBX hunt groups with their extension ID from the corporate PBX. This means that a user never has to try to figure out where their colleagues are – it doesn’t matter whether they’re sitting at their desks or working from home or even working from their laptop in a totally different location. When you need them, you just call their regular phone extension and it will ring both on their desk phone and on the Teams app.

Summing it up

At PortaOne, we want to help our customers find the best solutions for their own telco. That is why we have partnered with TeamMate Technology to provide you with a Teams integration solution via our Add-on Mart. Imagine being able to offer the benefit of keeping all of your Teams/PBX calls in a single place, of being able to record all of your communications, and of  easily participating in PBX hunt groups. Most exciting of all, this partnership has opened up the entire Microsoft ecosystem and customer base for you to tap into.

We care about the needs of our customers and we value giving you a choice. That’s why we are adding this option – now, you have two ways to do direct routing between Teams and PortaSwitch: TeamMate and Boom. Contact us to learn more and to find the option that satisfies your unique needs!

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