PortaOne Telco Customer Conference 2022

2022 PortaOne Telco Conference Summary & Materials

The second virtual edition of our PortaOne Customer Conference re-united our colleagues, peers, and employees from nearly every corner of the globe. Check out the topics covered, who spoke, what was the feedback and access all of the recorded video presentations. 

If you thought a virtual conference would be dry and dull, like most Zoom and MS Teams meetings, then think again. Just like when we host our in-person conferences or attend other events, our Customer Conference Team put in as much effort to design the virtual space to ensure the guests were WOWED! 

PortaOne Telco Conference 2022 Successfully United Customers Around the World

Hear what some of our guests and speakers had to say about the event!

Leslie Herp

“Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure speaking at your conference. And it was great to see there was such high attendance.”

Leslie Herps

“It was an enriching meeting that generated many insights into the company’s operations, which will help me work here in our office!

Thank you very much for inviting me – It is a pleasure to be surrounded by partners of such a high level.”

Otto Kolbe

Let’s check the numbers

  • Virtual Attendees: 109
  • Industry-leading experts and speakers: 15
  • Countries represented: 25

Highlights from our speakers and presentations 

We firmly believe in our community of PortaOne customers and the telecommunications industry at large. Our community serves to enrich our lives, our customers lives and the lives of their customers – which means it touches nearly everyone in the world!

Check out some of the topics covered by our panel of speakers, all experts in their respective fields and topics.

Guest speakers

  • What telcos can learn about the value of loyalty and referrals from SaaS 
  • How PortaBilling helped build a customized P2A SMS solution
  • Adding MS Teams users to your customer base via Add-on Mart
  • The origins of MVNOs and how PortaOne customers can benefits

PortaOne speakers

  • Rapid integrations via PortaOne Workflows with customer stories
  • Updates on Add-on Mart including how to increase revenue and improve services
  • PortaPhone’s expansion with a branded softphone online and mobile apps
  • New features from MR100-MR103
  • 3 stories of successful jumps across the release gap
  • Faster app development courtesy of API version 2.0
  • Ready-made IoT device SDK to quickly launch IoT projects

Video presentations and slides

Just like our company and way of doing business, we are open with our materials so that all those in our community can enjoy and gain inspiration from the stories and insights that you might have missed if you couldn’t attend. 

Whether or not you joined us live, we invite you now to take a glimpse into the lineup of speakers and what they had to share with our audience. 

Presenter: Roman Khalenkov
Company: PortaOne
Topic: New customers, new (and traditional!) business models
Presentation Slides

Presenter: Klaus Haertel
Company: PortaOne
Topic: Add-on Mart update, overview, & portals: How to increase revenue and improve services with a VAS platform
Presentation Slides

Presenter: Leslie Herps
Company: RGTN/Redworks
Topic: SMS – an untapped revenue source for CSPs: How PortaBilling helped us build a customized P2A SMS solution to boost our profits

Presenter: Svitlana Melnychuk
Company: PortaOne
Topic: PortaPhone expansion: Brand your softphone on the web and/or for Android & iOS mobile
Presentation Slides

Presenter: Owen Griffith
Company: Pharos
Topic: Launching an MVNO made easy: The origins of this solution and its benefits for PortaOne clients, plus a look at the modern telco charging environment in South Africa

Presenter: Sergii Kirik
Company: PortaOne
Topic: PortaOne Workflows: Real stories of rapid integrations with 100% customer ownership
Presentation Slides

Presenter: Eric Tiffany
Company: TeamMate Technology
Topic: Integration at your fingertips: How to add MS Teams users to your customer base via Add-on Mart

Presenter: Lina Stelmakh
Company: PortaOne
Topic: Launch new services faster and avoid the pitfalls: The PortaOne expert team’s service blueprint for starting off right
Presentation Slides

Presenter: Alex Zaluhovskyi
Company: PortaOne
Topic: Successful jumps across the release gap: 3 real-life stories from PortaOne clients (who have together already migrated 500K happy customers!)
Presentation Slides

Presenters: Will Fraser and Nate Yip
Company: SaaSquatch / RingCentral
Topic: What telcos can learn from SaaS companies: The value of loyalty and referrals

Presenter: Mike Kidik
Company: PortaOne
Topic: MR100-MR103 new feature highlights: How you can benefit from the latest PortaSwitch releases
Presentation Slides

Presenter: Oleksandr Zakharchenko
Company: PortaOne
Topic: API version 2.0: Introducing faster app development, less need for technical PortaSwitch know-how, and easier lives for your developers
Presentation Slides

Presenter: Alex Rot-Serov
Company: PortaOne
Topic: IoTMill: Rapidly launch your IoT business/project in days with a ready-made IoT device SDK plus a few lines of code
Presentation Slides

Presenter: Andriy Zhylenko
Company: PortaOne
Topic: A conversation with our CEO: Building a better business together in 2023
Presentation Slides

Party.Space delivered once again!

We partnered once again with the incredible team at Party.Space who helped us construct a unique design, meeting our demands of providing a communal vibe, distinct spaces for different events during the evening, avatars with the ability to personalize. And maybe the best part this year, and inspired by requests from last year, a BAR!

Check out photos below to gain a glimpse at what our PortaOne team and guests experienced throughout the conference. 

Main conference hall

Customer Conference PortaOne 2022

Most of the action and all of the speeches took place in the main conference hall. Check out what it was like to be in the main hall, with visitors at their chosen seats, surrounded by their friends and colleagues from the PortaOne extended family. 

Add-on Mart Room

PortaOne Customer Conference Add-on Mart room

One of the side rooms was devoted to Add-on Mart. Here, during breaks and the networking session, Add-on Mart-related videos and consultations were offered here.

Main topics

PortaPhone Room


Customer Conference PortaOne 2022
Customer Conference PortaOne 2022

Last year we were told that one of the few things missing was a bar! So we decided to make it happen. See what it was like to sit and have PRIVATE conversations with others seated at the bar.  

Those sitting on a bar stool could have a video conversation with other conference participants seated at the same table, and no one else could eavesdrop unless they were also seated at the bar too.

Thank you and see you next year

If you joined us at the conference from your part of the world or if you are joining us now in the present, thank you for stopping by and we look forward to sharing more events, knowledge, and assistance in all things telco related going forward. 

Stay connected and see you in 2023 for our next Customer Conference!

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