No need to choose between money and business transformation. Evolve on the go and keep earning revenue while gradually updating your platform. PortaOne CEO Andriy Zhylenko explains how

What does digital transformation in telecom look like and what does it take to transform a telco business to keep up with those change – and still earn revenue while that change is underway? Today, it has become possible to “evolve on the go,” using new technologies that allow for gradual updates and system changes with better UX, reduced risks, and less involvement of your engineering team – and in a recent interview with Telecom TV, PortaOne CEO Andriy Zhylenko explains exactly how.

The traditional telecom approach to change has long been “all or nothing”: either a Big Bang disruption (usually accompanied by negative UX fall-out), or dragging on with the status quo as if technology was encased in amber. But it doesn’t have to stay that way – and, in fact, it can’t stay that way, especially in the era of rapid evolution and the pandemic-driven acceleration of “all-remote.”

Today, there’s a new definition of success for digital transformation: a reshaping of your architecture like it’s a living, evolving organism. Andriy Zhylenko explains how this modern approach makes it possible to integrate new technologies and adapt the best of web development practices like APIs and microservices. And it can all be done through iterative, progressive methods that allow for evaluation, pilot group trials, low-impact rollbacks, and long-tail testing. PortaOne is at the vanguard of this evolution, providing clients with gradual migration tools that allow for exactly this type of iterative upgrade. Now, it’s time to expand this innovation beyond our BSS, billing, and softswitch offerings to create a platform-agnostic solution for any system or CSP.

Watch the teaser video about digital transformation in telecom:

Today, you don’t need to choose between taking a drastic leap of faith or living with dated technology as the world moves ahead without you. With the PortaOne approach to controlled gradual migration and transition to cloud services, you can embrace progress and keep pace on your own terms – and all with minimal risk.

Watch the full 15 minute interview here. If you have questions about gradual migration or any of our services, contact our Sales team. We’re always happy to help.

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