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CloudPBX Signup Portal

Offers several packages with different pricing, each with a predefined set of features. Additionally, your customers can purchase IP phones and phone numbers, and sign up for additional paid features such as call recording. They can make a payment using a credit card, and the customer record is automatically created in PortaSwitch upon completion of the order. The portal supports 3D secure payments (customers need to enter a one-time password to authenticate a payment).
This is an application based on the no-code platform. You will receive a copy of the “source code”, so you can customize the portal’s appearance to match your existing website or add functionalities to automate sales to small businesses and retail customers (such as an integration with a warehouse system to automate the shipping of IP phones).
Pricing: The one-time module activation fee is $2,900.
Pricing usage metrics: An instance is a single installation of the iPaaS app with an unlimited number of endpoints or users. A single instance is often associated to a single brand/whitelabel.

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