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Offer new-generation UCaaS using a white-label softphone app for any device via WebRTC

In today’s softphone market...

Many CSPs and MSPs are having trouble competing and monetizing OTT solutions and are in danger of getting left behind.

The biggest vendors and providers of softphones are closing down, slowing development, or becoming direct competitors of smaller CSPs

End-users are choosing new-age OTT services, with features absent from traditional telecom solutions

And they’re losing revenue due to a lack of differentiation in their offers and therefore a lack of monetization


Tatyana Massalskaya

Marketing Manager at PortaOne

Over The Top (OTT) communication has rapidly become one of the most popular ways for end users to send and receive audio, voice, share files, and collaborate – all while using the Internet.

The explosive demand for OTT services and software can mean big opportunities for UCaaS providers. 

Discover a better way

Use PortaPhone to offer a seamless experience that your customers will prefer over WhatsApp or Messenger

Launch fast

Deploy the whole system (cloud PBX platform, billing, mobile app, etc.) in just one day - in our cloud or in your datacenter!

Love your brand

Deliver a fully branded, pixel-perfect app for any iPhone/Android smart phone

Perfect UX

Reduce drain on customer support with auto-provisioning, self-care portals and self-management capabilities

Hear superbly

Offer better sound quality than traditional VoIP calls, even in low bandwidth areas by using WebRTC


Quickly implement custom pages and screens, such as sign-up or in-app promotions and purchases

Secure profits

Protect you and your customers with real-time authorization to prevent overdraft


Extend your customers’ cloud PBX seamlessly to web, mobile, and MS Teams


Maximize efficiency by integrating with back-office systems via no-code / low-code workflows

Ready to talk? Let’s arrange a demo via a personal call or online presentation.

Act fast!

Current world events have increased the rush to OTT services.

Accelerated by the pandemic; internet-powered text messaging, chat, voice and video communication is now the default for many organisations, large AND small.

International travelers demand seamless access to voice and video communication wherever they are in the world.

Content sharing is skyrocketing, especially in emerging markets, where there is extensive room for CSPs to acquire market share.

Why choose PortaPhone?

With PortaOne’s cloud softphone solution, you’ll get unmatched flexibility when customizing and reduced operational efforts, making for unparalleled convenience and value for end-users.

Simplify onboarding

Easy sign-up for end-users (using QR code or SMS), full auto-provisioning afterwards

Stand out

allow your brand to be seen and heard, not ours, with a white-label mobile app

Save money

PortaOne’s unlimited perpetual license or SaaS subscription based on a single value-based metric: i.e. number of subscribers

No hidden costs

All features and modules included; new features available as a part of regular support & maintenance at no extra cost

Access industry-best support

count on the best tech support for peace of mind 24/7

Easy to start, great to use



design your personalized, branded app and submit to Google / Apple app store



devise your plans for calls/SMS, packages, recurring fees, and VAS - bundle into products with PortaBilling



your customer downloads the app and their account is instantly provisioned - easy authorization with QR code or SMS link



your customer starts using immediately on 3G, 4G/LTE, or WiFi, with any device (mobile phone, desktop PC)

Ready to talk? Let’s arrange a demo via a personal call or online presentation.

Unbeatable Features


Best for business

Single platform

PortaBilling and PortaSIP in one – convergent billing and online charging system PLUS class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch. All administration (customer data, PBX settings, subscriptions, call routing, etc.) is done from a single UI.

Fully open architecture

with access to APIs and source code for integration with core network, CRM, ERP, accounting and more - handled by PortaOne, in-house developers or a third party

White-labeled mobile app

your customers see your name, your brand and your custom components (e.g. display the current promo offers and let customers make in-app purchases).


Mike Kidik

Product Development Officer at PortaOne

“We packed PortaPhone with amazing features that still make it very attractive to both your staff and your customers: simplified administration with single UI.

If you ever want to customize it or integrate with anything – the full access to APIs and even the source code is there for you.”

Ready to talk? Let’s arrange a demo via a personal call or online presentation.

How you benefit

Optimize your daily operations

with mobile app auto-provision and real-time call monitoring and alerts

Increase profitability

with real-time authorization and overdraft protection, charging for VAS, and profit guarantee function

Make your customers happy

easy transition and setup, plus comprehensive call management


Obakeng Seleke

Founder of Alicom

“During the COVID crisis, many of our customers had to send their employees to work from home.

With PortaOne’s OTT solution we were able to offer them a reliable way to continue working. Our WebRTC app allowed them to quickly respond to rapidly changing market demands and to continue operating during difficult times.” 

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