Mid-Sized Wholesaler Succeeds In New Era Of VoIP Competition Using PortaSwitch Softswitch/Billing Platform


U.S.-Based Voice Trader LLC Triples Business in Three Years, Credits PortaSwitch For Enabling Multiple Business Scenarios Under One Single System

It wasn’t that long ago that VoIP was written off as old news. The migration from circuit switched networks was largely complete; cutthroat price competition was all that remained. Or so it seemed.

Today VoIP has caught a second wind, brought on by the advent of new feature-rich services as well as the rapid growth in tablets and other mobile devices. Juniper Research, in a recent report, stated that advancement of these technologies will turn more than one billion people into real VoIP telephony consumers by the year 2017.

According to Armenak Khachatryan, Voice Trader CEO, one of its most critical moves was to purchase PortaSwitch.

The big benefit of using PortaSwitch is the ability to offer large-scale telecommunications services, an extensive set of solution-solving features, and an effective management structure that ensure new opportunities for implementing value-added services.”

Armenak Khachatryan, CEO of Voice Trader

PortaSwitch, from telecom software infrastructure provider PortaOne, is an all-in-one software platform consisting of:

  • a Class 4/5 softswitch,
  • converged billing system, and
  • IVR/media apps capability.

The open solution supports a diverse array of services and business models encompassing voice/data, wholesale and retail, in both prepaid and postpaid billing formats.

PortaSwitch has a well-structured plan that provides maximum independence of each service from the next. That, plus the platform’s ability to bring together a variety of converged services, operational in various environments, are what made it appealing to us.”

Armenak Khachatryan, CEO of Voice Trader

Multiple business scenarios, managed simultaneously by a single system, is extremely important to Voice Trader. In addition to wholesale VoIP, the telco currently offers hosted IP PBX with in-house DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number purchasing, along with business and mobile VoIP. It serves a long list of customers in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa that includes small- and medium-sized VoIP providers, call shops, corporate customers and VoIP resellers.

PortaOne is noted for offering software solutions to build feature-rich and high quality telecommunication and voice services, which can be a real asset. While low-cost is a key point of difference for us, we also keep improving our service quality to best meet the requirements of each individual account. PortaSwitch helps us ensure proficient, reliable and fast VoIP services.”

Armenak Khachatryan, CEO of Voice Trader

Among Voice Trader’s newest service additions is carrier switch partitioning—the ability for Internet Telephone Service Providers (ITSPs) to rent PortaSwitch capacity from Voice Trader, then configure it in any fashion to fit business requirements. The outsourced switching solution, considered at the forefront of the VoIP industry, allows ITSPs to set up Internet telephony services without any hardware installations of their own.

Voice Trader LLC’s aggressive stance on next-generation VoIP services has allowed it to capture a solid share of the IP telephony market on four continents. With PortaSwitch at its core, the company has tripled in revenues over the last three years and sees strong growth ahead.

Customer satisfaction is of key importance for us. We offer our customers a range of advantages: outstanding quality, reliable and low cost VoIP services to any destination, plus 24/7 service and great customer support. With all that PortaSwitch offers, we’re confident we have the means to continue to thrive.”

Armenak Khachatryan, CEO of Voice Trader

About Voice Trader LLC

In Wilmington, Delaware USA, Voice Trader LLC has positioned itself to take maximum advantage of the next phase of VoIP. The company, after acquiring another wholesale VoIP provider in 2011, took immediate steps to put its new business on a strong technological footing.

Despite that fact that we’re not a Tier 1 carrier, we’re able to handle millions of minutes of domestic and international calls every day, due to our professional staff and the advanced, innovative solutions we offer. Thanks to PortaSwitch, our service availability is 99.9%.”

Armenak Khachatryan, CEO of Voice Trader
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