Velocity VoIP Offers Caller ID To Wholesale/Retail Customers In Seconds Using PortaOne And OpenCNAM Solutions

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PortaSwitch Procinctus and OpenCNAM Technologies Deliver Easy Path to Added Value; Hosted VoIP Infrastructure Provider Able to Add CNAM on Any Product, Any Time

In today’s telecom marketplace, seamless performance is essential. End customers have come to assume they’ll have access to the features they need, on the devices and platforms they use most. It’s up to carriers—and the partners who support them - to satisfy that demand.

As one of the most innovative hosted VoIP infrastructure providers in the business, Velocity VoIP takes such performance very seriously, constantly updating its system with solutions that help its retail carriers stay competitive while also reducing costs. In 2011, the Boca Raton, Florida-based company took a major step in this quest by selecting of PortaSwitch Procinctus, PortaOne’s most high capacity and fully redundant product, as its core convergent softswitch/billing software. More recently it set out to enhance its PortaSwitch Procinctus install with yet another high-demand service: CNAM.

Our reseller clients are always looking for ways to grow their business. Caller ID is not new—but the need to offer it quickly, on a customer-by-customer basis, has become very important. We realized we needed a strategy for offering CNAM products through all our underlining carriers and CLEC relationships, in a way that is economical for them - and for us.”

Jason Silverman, Director of Sales for Velocity VoIP

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PortaOne, maker of PortaSwitch Procinctus, was eager to solve Velocity VoIP’s challenge by partnering with OpenCNAM. Working together, the two companies integrated the ability to access the OpenCNAM database from within PortaSwitch. The solution - now available to all PortaSwitch customers - allows carriers to add CNAM capability to any account at any time, in just minutes.

Each time an incoming call is routed through Velocity VoIP’s PortaSwitch Procinctus, OpenCNAM finds the most accurate Caller ID Name information available. It then inserts that data into the VoIP call, making it easy for customers to see not only the phone number, but also the name of the person calling them.”

Randall Degges, OpenCNAM’s Chief Technical Officer

Andriy Zhylenko, Chief Technical Officer for PortaOne, explained that the ability to access the OpenCNAM database is physically integrated into PortaSwitch, eliminating the need for additional installation.

Once a service provider contracts with OpenCNAM, all that is required is to activate the OpenCNAM option on the PortaSwitch configuration interface. The entire process takes a few seconds.”

Andriy Zhylenko, Chief Technical Officer for PortaOne

Using the OpenCNAM capability available within PortaSwitch, wholesalers and resellers now have a new and dramatically easier pathway to CNAM. The solution helps international wholesale service providers like Velocity VoIP respond to the needs of the marketplace and provide seamless enhancements to its services with minimal outlays of time and cost.

Thanks for PortaOne and OpenCNAM, we’re now offering CNAM on all of our products. That lets us, and our clients, reduce cost and get a competitive edge. We appreciate the ability to work with PortaOne to develop the best VoIP telecommunications products possible. Customers are continually demanding higher quality, lower cost, and a broad list of features. PortaOne helps us find those kinds of solutions.”

Jason Silverman, Director of Sales for Velocity VoIP

About CNAM or Caller Name Delivery

CNAM, or Caller Name Delivery, allows users to instantly see caller name and phone number information for any incoming phone call. Adding CNAM to a system can be an involved process; fortunately, however, OpenCNAM has simplified the process. OpenCNAM, available as a simple web service, is widely used throughout the industry to provide Caller ID information for phone systems, mobile applications, CRM systems and even fraud prevention systems at large financial institutions. Its elegant API is suitable for developers and IT professionals as well as enterprise telecommunications companies.
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