Italian VoIP Pioneer Unidata Stays At Forefront Of Changing Telecom Marketplace Via PortaSwitch

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After Ten Years, PortaOne's Combined Softswitch/Billing Platform Keeps Unidata In Position to Respond Nimbly to Customer, Technology and Service Developments

The chances are good that Caesar never foresaw the need for a fiber optic network in the Eternal City. Yet more than 2,500 years after its founding, the city of Rome is equipped with a 300km Metropolitan Area Network connecting multiple telecommunications nodes, data centers, a WiFi network and other digital infrastructure. At the center of all these 21st Century innovations is Unidata S.p.A.

As it entered the VoIP industry, Unidata placed its highest priority on identifying the best possible switching and business infrastructure. The company sought a "lean" SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) platform that would outperform any traditional - and more expensive - Class 4/5 telco switch. According to CEO Renato Brunetti, Unidata's search led it to PortaOne.

PortaOne's PortaSwitch offered us a complete solution including billing, softswitching and Unified Communication services where no additional elements such as billing mediation and customer administration were needed. We believed this would be not only cost-effective but also very straightforward for us, as there would be only one entity involved in troubleshooting and addressing issues."

Renato Brunetti, CEO of Unidata 

As the flagship product from PortaOne, PortaSwitch meets the needs of Internet Telephony Service Providers in countries around the world. Its Class 4/5 SIP softswitch, integrated media applications and converged billing/provisioning capabilities enable both retail and wholesale users to deploy and manage virtually any kind of next-generation telecom service, from hosted IP PBX and IP Centrex to Skype-class video calling.

PortaSwitch puts startups in a position to adapt and address a whole range of market segments and business development needs without being limited by features or licensing. It also allows an operator to take on market opportunities quickly and effectively, with virtually no delays due to core platform restrictions."

Renato Brunetti, CEO of Unidata 

Over the next decade, Unidata continued to anticipate the marketplace by aggressively introducing a range of digital services. It built its fiber network serving all of Rome and established two state-of-the-art data centers from which it could provide virtualized server platforms and private cloud systems. Leveraging these and other innovations, it shrewdly positioned itself as a valued partner to companies and organizations that wished to turn their digital networks into strategic assets. This mission has driven Unidata's success ever since.

As we evolved, PortaSwitch ably fit our changing business model because it offered all the features our company might need, without a precise definition of the services and market segments we might target in the futur. It addresses all the fundamental technology and administrative requirements we continue to have as a growing VoIP-based telephony operator, at a competitive price."

Renato Brunetti, CEO of Unidata 

Today Unidata offers IP-based voice and data services to residential and commercial customers across all of Italy. It continues to debut the latest features and services, knowing that PortaSwitch can support virtually any innovation.

Unidata is unique in the market because our customers don't require multiple entities to address their information and communications technology needs. We provide everything from fiber connections to VoIP and traditional web/email services. With PortaOne supporting us, our customers can depend on just one competent and cost-effective provider."

Renato Brunetti, CEO of Unidata 

About Unidata

Since 1985, Unidata has been supplying many of Italy's most advanced digital technologies. Starting with microcomputer equipment, Unidata evolved into digital communications as one of Italy's earliest Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In 2004 the company achieved another first when it became the country's first licensed telecom to offer SIP-based telephony.
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