TeleOne Credits PortaSwitch For Company Success, Granting Customers' Desires For Self-Management

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All-in-One Softswitch/Subscriber Management Platform Raises Latin American Telecom's Customer Satisfaction Ratings to 90% While Reducing Complexity and Cost

Jairo Rodriguez is emphatic about the role his company, TeleOne, is meant to play for its business customers.

They want to run their own businesses. They don't want to have us in the middle performing simple tasks for them."

Jairo Rodriguez, CEO of TeleOne

Not long after its inception, TeleOne realized its technical infrastructure was beginning to hinder its growth.

Most of the 'tools' available for our type of business are inwardly focused. We needed a single tool that would not only handle our internal needs, but also those of our customers, and in real time."

Jairo Rodriguez, CEO of TeleOne

After searching the available solutions, TeleOne selected PortaSwitch, PortaOne's converged software platform. PortaSwitch uniquely offers customer billing and management, Class 4/5 softswitch, and media management servers, all in a single product.

PortaSwitch is able to service several aspects of our business such as real-time information for the technical department, finance department, customer support and several others. But just as important, it has the scalability, modularity and ability to integrate with other market tools that we needed. Given the diversity of customers and markets that are part of our strategic niche, PortaOne is able to support any type of customization required."

Jairo Rodriguez, CEO of TeleOne

Rodriguez notes that from day one, PortaSwitch impressed his company's business and technical teams.

Even the installation process seemed well thought-out. PortaOne made it very smooth. Since then, any customization we've needed has been an easy-to-follow flow of procedures."

Jairo Rodriguez, CEO of TeleOne

Over time, PortaSwitch's versatility has proven to reduce TeleOne's capital and operational expenditures.

Many softswitches help provide services, but they don't necessarily integrate with customer platforms. PortaSwitch does. Furthermore, most of the services we provide are interphased with PortaOne, by receiving our providers' channels and delivering them to our customers. In that way, each service is monitored, measured and priced properly."

Jairo Rodriguez, CEO of TeleOne

Many aspects of PortaSwitch have contributed to TeleOne's daily efficiency, from high uptime to the product's real-time technical support.

PortaSwitch has a robust architecture that includes a failover platform. Even in the extremely rare outage event, our customers continue to receive real-time operation and monitoring. As for our internal needs, from the very beginning one of our crucial priorities was immediate technical support. Through PortaOne's assistance, we've been able to turn our technicians into PortaOne operational specialists. They use the tools in PortaSwitch to proactively monitor our customers and reduce failure rates."

Jairo Rodriguez, CEO of TeleOne

While TeleOne's customer base includes consumer accounts, the majority of its business comes from commercial customers of all sizes, from startup companies and Internet cafes to call centers and large offices. PortaSwitch's ability to support customized solutions for such a wide range of accounts, combined with the ability for customers to manage their own flow of billing and service information, have been keys to its value-add.

With PortaSwitch we've been able to combine two or three platforms into one. We're now able to focus on growing the company instead of solving integration problems or providing reports to our customers, since PortaSwitch facilitates that. Our customer satisfaction rate is up to 90% - a much higher rate than what we had before PortaSwitch came into play."

Jairo Rodriguez, CEO of TeleOne

According to TeleOne's CEO, his company's success has come from the relationships it has forged with its vendors, as well as its customers.

PortaOne is a strategic partner for us on a day-to-day basis. It has helped us achieve our business goals. An important market differentiator for us is winning our customers' trust. PortaOne has helped us reach a level of satisfaction that's important not only to us, but also to our customers."
Jairo Rodriguez, CEO of TeleOne

About TeleOne

For over a decade, TeleOne has succeeded in its industry by giving customers what they want most: VoIP services that are customized for their particular needs, and autonomy over their daily operations. That formula has made the Colombian firm a leader in the Latin American ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) market.
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