PortaOne Announces Availability Of Skrill’s Global Online Payment Service For PortaSwitch

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Compatibility with PortaOne’s VoIP Subscriber Management Platform Means Service Providers Gain Worldwide Fraud Protection Plus Support for 41 Currencies, 100 Payment Options

PortaOne today announced it has successfully completed interoperability testing of its flagship PortaSwitch VoIP call control and subscriber management platform with Moneybookers, one of the world’s largest online payment providers.
The availability of Moneybookers, operated by Skrill Holdings, as a subscriber payment option for PortaSwitch means VoIP service providers have a powerful new capability to both dramatically reduce the incidence of fraud-related revenue losses, and to market their services in 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Due to the global reach of VoIP, service providers are unusually vulnerable to subscriber payments made with unauthorized or stolen credit cards. Skrill’s full chargeback protection is a major step forward in this regard, bringing peace of mind to customers and providers alike. But even more, Skrill is respected around the world as a premier payment service. Wherever our VoIP telephony clients choose to do business, chances are Skrill is already there providing convenient and secure payment options.”

Roman Khalenkov, Sales and Marketing Director for PortaOne

The proven interoperability of Moneybookers with PortaSwitch brings even greater appeal to PortaOne’s innovative platform. Capable of handling the complete call control and converged VoIP billing functions of a diversified digital services company, PortaSwitch consists of a real-time billing system, class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch, and application servers that deliver converged VoIP billing and provisioning, SIP call control, unified messaging, IP Centrex and hosted IP PBX, callback management, IVRs, conferencing and more.

Moneybookers will bring low transaction cost to PortaSwitch customers, and convenience and security to these companies’ end users. Our eighteen million-plus account holders have discovered the appeal of making online payments without having to repeatedly enter credit card numbers, expiry dates and other unnecessary details. This kind of freedom, combined with our broad global payment support, will result in significant new business opportunities for PortaOne’s business partners.”

Ralf Wenzel, COO of Skrill Holdings

About Skrill Holdings

Currently employed by over 90,000 merchants globally and owned by London-based Skrill Holdings with offices in New York, Moneybookers offers more than 100 payment options in 41 different currencies and is available in over 200 countries and territories.

Its services are protected under UK, European Union and U.S. state laws and the company has been ranked as the Number One fastest growing private equity-backed company in the UK, based on profits.

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