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Canadian Telecom Says “Honesty and Service Reliability” is Cornerstone of Business Model; PortaOne’s Quick Response to Feature Requests from User Community Also Cited

Success over the long haul in the telecommunications business requires innovation, competitive pricing, a commitment to top quality customer service, and one trait that Toronto-based telecom Safarifone Inc. knows very well: reliability.

Honesty and service reliability is the cornerstone of our business model. Our company was the first in the North American calling card market to introduce ‘honest’ calling cards that have no gimmicks, or hidden charges or fees. We employ such long-term strategic growth techniques across the world so we can not only get new customers, but also satisfy and keep them that way for a very long time.”

Abdulrahman Ali, Managing Director of Safarifone

By putting its reputation first, Safarifone has been able to attract a global customer mix of consumers, callshops, businesses and other telecoms that lease capacity on Safarifone’s wholesale voice termination network.

High capacity and redundancy

Because service dependability is so important to Safarifone, it has put PortaOne’s PortaSwitch Procinctus high-capacity softswitch/subscriber management platform at the core of its operations. PortaSwitch Procinctus (Latin for “ready for battle”) is PortaOne’s ultimate high capacity platform, allowing carriers and service providers to unify voice, data, fax, content, SMS and Internet traffic within a single converged network.

PortaSwitch Procinctus offers exceptional SIP server performance. Under high loads, its clustered and distributed architecture keeps everything moving—unlike some products where it’s common for things to come to a standstill.”

Abdulrahman Ali, Managing Director of Safarifone

New features updates

While Safarifone initially chose PortaSwitch Procinctus for its durability and redundancy, it soon realized that the frequent upgrades and feature rollouts gave the product additional value.

As time went by, we found out that we could request and add new functionality to the system through PortaOne’s service requests. I know for a fact that some of the features we sponsored provide great business opportunities for other PortaOne customers—the same way that features other customers sponsored are enhancing our business and adding great value. These features, provided to us in the form of quarterly or semi-quarterly software updates, might be the best value we receive for our money.”
Abdulrahman Ali, Managing Director of Safarifone

Comprehensive reseller support

Because Safarifone’s customers range form large voice carriers to resellers, white-label product distributors, and retail customers who use the company’s calling cards, home phones and high-speed Internet, nimble feature sets and billing options are important, according to Omar Mohamed, Operations Manager of Safarifone.

The ability to have multiple levels of participants in PortaOne, such as resellers and distributors who can customize their services so that it appears to their own customers that they are the ones providing the service, has added immense benefit to our business. We introduced our white-labeling products to a couple of markets in 2011 and have been able to leverage their functionality in a very practical way to extend our level of service to our own customers’ brands as well. It’s a win-win situation.”

Omar Mohamed, Operations Manager of Safarifone

Flexibility and customization

As Safarifone continues to expand its services and its customer base, it finds that PortaSwitch Procinctus is key to providing a reliable product that meets and exceeds expectations. The software is central to realizing Safarifone’s vision: “to avail the best VoIP services to our customers everywhere; every time; no matter what it costs the company.”

What we like most about PortaSwitch Procinctus is the functionality of the product. The ability to customize PortaSwitch to meet those needs in a timely manner helps our business tremendously. Our business involves a lot of new business models that come about frequently. PortaSwitch brings a level of flexibility to our business that always keeps us ahead of the competition.”
Abdulrahman Ali, Managing Director of Safarifone

About Safarifone

From its headquarters in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, Safarifone markets its services worldwide through its corporate web site Its flagship retail product HudHud is marketed directly to customers online, on, as well as through a network of international, regional and local retail outlets, distributors, and white-label product resellers.
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