PortaOne’s Softswitch and VoIP Billing Platform Enables Consistent Monthly Growth For Pure IP In 17 Countries

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London-Based Telecommunications Company Relies On PortaOne’s Flagship Product To Deliver Suite of Hosted IPPBX Services Across South Africa, Middle East, Australia and Europe.

When Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted in Spring 2010, grounded planes were only the beginning of the headaches. Many business functions were brought to a complete halt, including product deliveries and professional conferences. Key employees, stranded far from home, were forced into disaster recovery mode to maintain critical services.

With such scenarios straining vital communications links throughout Europe, one company—Pure IP—kept its customers in business. And at its core was PortaOne’s PortaSwitch VoIP services platform.

Both our resellers and corporate customers benefitted from PortaSwitch’s ability to run diverse services during disaster recovery situations like the volcanic eruption and the snowstorms earlier this year. PortaSwitch allows us to build our network on the premise of redundancy at multiple points.”

Gary Forrest, Pure IP managing director

Pure IP, headquartered in London, is part of a new breed of VoIP telecommunications providers that outperform global giants by nimbly servicing wholesale and retail business customers wherever they may be, using next generation solutions. Using telehouse network facilities in London, Johannesburg and Auckland, Pure IP provides 24/7 service and support to customers in 17 countries via a system that extends from New York City to Sydney, Australia.

We operate a state-of-the-art network powered by Cisco and Quintum to ensure maximum redundancy and quality of service provisioning. But our billing, customer management and softswitching functions rest exclusively with PortaSwitch.”

Gary Forrest, Pure IP managing director

PortaSwitch is capable of handling the complete call control and converged VoIP billing functions of a diversified digital services company, enabling wholesale VoIP carriers and ITSPs to deliver a wide variety of business models quickly and flexibly. The comprehensive product consists of a real-time billing system, class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch, and application servers that deliver converged VoIP billing and provisioning, SIP call control, unified messaging, IP Centrex and hosted IP PBX, callback management, IVRs, conferencing and more.

PortaSwitch allows us to give our customers a full suite of hosted VoIP services including SIP trunking, international numbering, conference bridges and MPLS connectivity. We’ve been very impressed with the flexibility PortaSwitch provides, as well as its scalability—particularly in respect of new services such as callback, conferencing and the like.”

Gary Forrest, Pure IP managing director

Pure IP had looked at Digitalk and other billing and call management platforms before selecting PortaSwitch. As Forrest noted, however, PortaSwitch offered a totally different level of flexibility. “We were also pleased with the sales process, which was managed in an honest, direct and attentive way,” he stated, adding that PortaOne’s Premium PortaCare has been an excellent technical support and maintenance service. “The quality of technical support is very good, particularly when looking at more complex issues or new services,” he commented.

Since adopting PortaOne’s VoIP product nearly two years ago, Pure IP has seen its business volume grow each month. Forrest attributes a large share of his company’s success to the stability and strong feature set PortaSwitch provides.

At Pure IP, we take pride in differentiating our services through speed of implementation, stability and excellent aftercare support. PortaSwitch is a feature-rich solution that services customers well—in Gibraltar, New Zealand, Iraq, South Africa, or anywhere else we choose to compete.”

Gary Forrest, Pure IP managing director
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