Norwegian IP Telco Leads In World-Class IT Marketplace With PortaOne Infrastructure

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Now in Its 10th Year, Phonect AS Meets Country's High Standards for Cloud-Based Services, Meeting Needs of 120,000 Business Customers Via PortaOne's End-to-End Network Products

By almost any standard, Norway is among the world leaders in its adoption of digital technology. The World Economic Forum ranks Norway fifth in the world for embracing IT in its 2013 Global IT Technology Report; what's more, the latest Bloomberg Global Innovation Index puts Norway in 14th place among the planet's most innovative countries - higher than Hong Kong, China, Russia or the United Kingdom.

We chose to build our company and services with PortaOne's converged billing and softswitch platform, PortaSwitch, in 2004. For the last ten years we've enjoyed excellent services and support."

Hans-Ivar Orhagen, Phonect's Chief Technology Officer

Phonect's range of IP telephony services spans the spectrum of enterprise needs from SIP-based PBX and Unified Communications to ISP and various mobile offerings. Beginning with the PortaSwitch platform consisting of the PortaSIP Class 4-5 softswitch and PortaBilling customer management, provisioning and billing software, Phonect was one of the first telcos in 2006 to move up to PortaSwitch's fully-redundant, high capacity PortaSwitch Procinctus system.

We've found PortaOne to be very adaptable and flexible. The company always listens to our needs and has on occasion developed functionality based on our specific input. This, in combination with its high level of product development, makes us confident that PortaOne's softswitch will be an excellent platform for our services well into the future."
Hans-Ivar Orhagen, Phonect's Chief Technology Officer

Phonect's use of PortaSwitch Procinctus allows it to offer a formidable blend of features and stability to its 120,000 corporate customers. Each business-critical component of PortaSwitch Procinctus architecture is made redundant on multiple servers, with billing and switching clusters for exceptional resilience and availability. Furthermore, Phonect's full menu of network services, from ISDN (including voice/data/video/WiFi) to customer provisioning and billing, are supported by transparent load-sharing, thereby increasing the capacity of the whole system.

The synergies between all of our cloud-based services create clear competitive advantages for Phonect, with both high quality of service and cost-effectiveness. Our cloud-based offerings also deliver simplification, increased efficiency and savings for our customers."

Hans-Ivar Orhagen, Phonect's Chief Technology Officer

Phonect has chosen to reinforce its high-end operational infrastructure with Premium PortaCare, PortaOne's most exclusive service contract. This option includes constant remote system monitoring, immediate access to new features, regular maintenance releases and 24/7 phone, email, and IM technical support. Complimentary training sessions and on-site configuration assistance for most critical maintenance tasks, offered on-demand annually, round out the strong menu of technical support Phonect enjoys.

PortaOne not only makes it possible for our company to deliver its communications services every day, but also has enabled us to build our strong position in the Norwegian market. We are very happy that we chose to work with PortaOne from our very beginning."

Hans-Ivar Orhagen, Phonect's Chief Technology Officer

About Phonect AS

Since 2004, many of Norway's most technically advanced enterprise customers have relied on Phonect AS to satisfy their critical communication needs. Founded as an ITSP, Phonect has matured and expanded into a full-range provider of cloud-based communications solutions for enterprise customers. The company has thrived in this demanding national marketplace through a commitment to world-class infrastructure - which is why, from Day One, it has placed PortaOne technology and services at the core of its operations.
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